it only works for a couple of weeks!!
Violet Kerr
 Jan 15th, 2009
there is a # 800-280-9023 that you can call.I finally did after days of them calling you.You get a recording but actually press a number to get put on their do not call list.Let's hope it works!!
 Sep 14th, 2008
So you say hello and get an ear ful of verbal diarrhea as they won't shut up.So then I say (twice) take me off your calling list.She keeps talking."Look,I am seriously getting way too many telemarketers and people calling me for money,just take me off the list!"
So then she gets into a tangent as to how dissappointed she is in me etc that I just said"Goodbye" and hung up.Unbelievable.I get that it's a job but when someone says "take me off your list" they should shut up and move on!!
 May 07th, 2008