I answered the phone. After several seconds, caller says, "Hello, my name is Michael. I'm calling from Windows Service Center." I have received calls like this before, done research, traced caller to a scam. I told the caller I wanted him NOT to call me, that I'm on the Do Not Call registry, that I would report his call, that I knew it was a scam. I do not even own a PC!
 Jul 15th, 2013
August 9, 2010 they called from 877-867-3787, left no message, so I block their number. August 10, 2010 Caller ID showed 694-4922 (no area code showing), Caller ID said Out of Area - thought is was someone else so answered and a recording looking James Purcell said to please call Norhern Groups at 877-867-3787, or if wrong number call 866-579-0026 to have number removed. When I push edit on the phone, the 694-4922 had area code 405 - block that number too.

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 Aug 10th, 2010