Ok So I apparently did a poll or a survey with them on the air quality in my home and they called me and said that i had one a prize, ya right I scoffed I eventually hung up on them... Verdict SCAM!!!!! Ignore them.
 Nov 28th, 2010
They lied about everything. Never said they were selling anything, only that I had won a prize and they wanted to bring it right over but both husband and wife had to be home for security reasons. The prize was either a vacation trip or a car cleaning kit. I asked if they were selling anything, she said no. I asked did I have to pay anything, she said no. I did not let them come to my house and I fully expect that they will call back. I can hardly wait. Maybe all of us should repeatedly dial their number. Or maybe we should start complaining to the telephone companies, landlords, etc. It might not stop them but it might make it uncomfortable.
 Nov 02nd, 2010
My elderly parents were continually called by a representative of this company and offered a car cleaning kit, or a trip, if they were willing to have a representative come and demo their product. The representative did not show up at the scheduled time and my parents were plagued with calls for the next three weeks, 4-5 times per day, even on Christmas day. It has been stressful for them since my mother is not well and the calls often disturb her sleep.

My mother returned one of their calls today (Sunday) and asked to be taken off their phone list. The person she spoke to was quite rude and persisted in attempting to sell my parents an air treatment system. I then called on my parents behalf, to request that they be removed from AAS' phone list. Within the first minute of the call with their representative, Jason, I felt agitated. His tone was arrogant and it was clear he was not interested or empathetic.

I will be writing a letter to the Victoria Better Business Bureau to lodge a complaint about this company's harrassing marketing tactics, and would not advise anyone to begin an association with this company.
 Jan 04th, 2010
They tell you you won your prize and just have to sit through a demo.Who has time??They want to book you for an hour.They keep calling and now I just turn off the ringer when I see it.
 Dec 09th, 2009
it s a trick - they say you won something - steak knives - then come by and hard sell you on an indoor air cleaning machine
master luke
 Nov 28th, 2009
They are an air supply place and are annoying.
 Nov 19th, 2009