Scammed my 85 year old mother out of $8000 in Target gift cards on the pretense that her grandson was in an accident locked up and jail and needed money to go to court. Worked hard all her life supported her family and donated her time and money to help others. Now some scumbag does this to her. Peter Welsh there is a special place in hell for you. My pray is that i can help you get there one day. This happened in Pennsylvania NOV-16. I later learned these gift card access codes were redeemed in TARGET stores in Sterling, VA; Minneapolis,MN; Vacaville,CA; Sacramento,CA WITHIN A MATTER OF MINUTES!!! This incident has shaken my Mom to her core! Wonder how Peters Mom and Dad fell about their son and in how he takes advantage of the elderly? Why dont you try getting a real job and earning your money instead of stealing?BECAUSE YOURE A COWARD AND A LOSER!!! Im coming for you Peter. Karma's a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Dec 03rd, 2016
We just happened to call our neighbor and she told us she had just received a call from her granddaughter and a man named Peter Walsh about an accident/arrest etc. He requested $2,000 in target or Walmart gift cards. Total scam of course, luckily we had called our neighbor right after she received the call and she told us about the call, she was very upset and hadn't yet gone to get the cards, but was planning on it. We convinced her to try and reach her granddaughter and of course found her safe and sound. Terrible scam to play on the heartstrings of grandparents!
 Nov 29th, 2016
Caller claimed to be Peter Walsh, attorney. He called my parents and said my son was in a car accident and needed $2000 immediately for legal fees as they were in court. He suggested my parents put the money on a Target gift card to expedite the funds. Cruel scammer, making my family think my son was in an accident. Probably hacked our cellphones or facebook to get my parents info. I called him back and he answered the phone and I gave him an earful.
 Nov 28th, 2016