Anna with Pure and Simple Air Duct Cleaning service...left message to come clean air ducts for $89. Left a call back number of 586-530-2443. I've never used a duct cleaning service and I am on the National Do Not Call List! Don't appreciate them calling!!!
 Jun 02nd, 2009
Illegally auto-dialed to DNC-listed number, left recorded telemarketing message for "Quality-Control Premium Air-Duct Cleaning" with callback of 586-530-2443. Same criminals have previously done the same to me using caller-ID 248-246-0534 and to others using other caller-IDs which can be found on this site. Essentially, any call from a Broadwing Communications number in this range is illegal telemarketers; presumably all the same people, using the various names:
Respiratory Rescue
Truck-Mounted Duct Cleaning
Quality-Control Premium Air-Duct Cleaning
And typically numbers in the ranges of 248-246-05** or 248-246-04** or now, apparently, 24899710**
 Mar 29th, 2009