This number does not belong to IBM although the caller said," I am calling on behalf of IBM."
This is the 3rd call in 2 days, with the same spill.

Well, it just happened that our rep from IBM was in the office, working on something.
So, I told the caller " Oh, our IBM rep is here right now, let me check with him and see if he is aware of any issue that you are calling about."
Then the caller was "Huh? you have IBM there?'
I said,"Yes, right here beside me, I can ask him right now."
The caller hurried into a spill of " No, thats okay. you have a rep there?. Good-bye"
I said" WAIT! let him talk to you. He wants to talk to you!"

the caller hung up.
Why would he do that? If he was ligit from IBM, he would have spoken to our IBM rep.
Yesterday I had 2 calls like this from different numbers.
One of them, I said 'No, you are not from IBM because their number would show up here on my switchboard."
I kept saying, what compnay are you really with?
What survey compnay.
Finally he confessed and said he was with DCM.
SO, DCM is NOT Ibm. WHy did he lie?
Then he hung up.
Imagine that.
 Dec 04th, 2007