reported to BBB
 Oct 18th, 2015
Robo call from Quality carpet cleaning...invoice has... Home cleaning service...(I think they are using another companies name)..white truck no name on it...quick job...looked good until carpet dried in 2 days. Seemed as though carpet was still dirty...spots came back! They wanted to charge a fee to come out to re-clean the carpet. I cleaned it myself not only does it look, smell and feel clean...the water was BLACK only 3 days after HOME CLEANING SERVICE came out...owner was very rude not willing to listen...said people are always trying to have them come out without having to pay...If the job was done right the first time there wouldn't be a reason to come back out...numbers I have for these companies are 248-850-3828 and 248-677-6846...The special is a scam... I was told incorrect prices on items before they came out...someone needs to get license plate number...
 Jul 11th, 2014
Get a job people!!!!!!
 May 18th, 2014
Very professional crew w nice new truck that got my carpet very dry. It was the most I ever paid but it was the best work I've seen. GUESS YA CANT HAVE 1 without the other !!! LOL
Barbra in Royal oak
 May 18th, 2014
Don't get mad. Get even. They are Pure and Simple Air Duct Cleaning... not only do they torment people with unwanted calls... THEY SCAM SENIOR CITIZENS out of money, hundreds of dollars, for a carpet cleaning! Then they soak(NOT clean) carpet and then leave and will not return calls . Their real number is 248-850-4800. Call them and schedule a cleaning for a vacant house. Be creative.
The jerk owners cell phone is 248 850 3828 or 248-850-5680. Maybe he would like a call at 3:00 a.m.just to let him know you are thinking of him.
creative Karma
 Nov 19th, 2013
Do not let these people rip you off!!! They are the worst.
 Oct 15th, 2013
Home Cleaning Service (Carpet Cleaning). Sept 2013
Worst carpet cleaners ever. No fixed location, just cell phones. Spots remained, too fast to do good job. Won't come back out but for a charge of $25. No signs on the Truck.
 Sep 13th, 2013
It appears that "Ron" at Quality Air is also "Dave" at Quality Air.

He actually called me again, after I set him up the last time.

I left a message on his robo-machine telling him what a jerk he is.

This time, he'd better start watching his back(side).
 Jun 01st, 2011
RE: Documenting your calls

Few calls come to you by accident. Most have a source (they had to get your number from somewhere). Even auto-dialers that call sequential numbers are trying to do business in your neighborhood. Even if you can’t identify a number when it first contacts you (it is BLOCKED), if the caller really wants to contact you, a pattern will emerge and oftentimes a real phone number will, too.

I keep a spreadsheet of calls I can’t identify. It records the date, the telephone number, the time, and what transpired (for example, ‘hung up on answering machine’).

I had that strategy pay off just recently.

Just check the record on this website for 248-850-3828. Lots of good info there.
 Apr 11th, 2011
Actually, the guy could have been a 'local.' He said he'd lived in Dearborn 'forever' which means he had some way of placing my residence in the Dearborn area (although he could have found that info by Googling 'telephone exchange 313 277').

At any rate, if he doesn't call back, I'll probably simply report him to the DNC Registry.

If he DOES call back, I'll follow your directions and sue him.

Thanks for the info!
 Apr 11th, 2011
Seems to me the whole point of these canned calls is cheap lead generation, possibly outsourced. I'd imagine that whatever system is used keeps tabs on all outbound calls and goes out of its way to flag positive responses like yours for the client to conduct follow-on sales calls. Your number being captured is not the same as consent, but on their first bite you never actually revoked permission to call, and that's excuse enough to them to keep trying.

Assuming this clown was a total stranger to you at the start of March, and diligent record keeping on your part, I think you may have a good TCPA case brewing. If made to a residential line, the initial prerecorded sales call violates and pays out your first $500. (Presumably this is the case as you keep mentioning a message recorder. Canned calls to mobile phones are especially violative.) You have two consecutive calls just past the legal window, and no, I would not cut them a break past 21:00:15 your time zone. Current tab: $1500

That canned call, welcome or not, was required to open with a state registered legal business name and a valid number you can ring back. Rack another possible fine. In the live call ''Ron'' failed to give any identity up front; you had to drill for it. Tick another possible fine.

As for today's call attempt itself being an issue, the company may try to claim you invited a return call, which by statute is the next best thing to ''established business relationship'' and therefore legal. You and I know your reaction a month ago was tepid at best. I would call this a violation anyway and let a judge untangle it if the dispute gets so far.

Your pal Ron I think tried to make it seem that you'd given express consent to call and sell you something. At best, this might be in hope your memory is foggy. At worst, it's an attempt to skirt the law. Maybe your state has deceptive practice regs to help you there.

So far, I believe this commercial caller owes you somewhere from $1500 to $3K. Damages treble on any count you can prove was willful and knowing. No guarantee you'll collect so much, but I wonder how many duct jobs it takes to pay off three or nine grand?

In your place I would dash off a cease-call notice and request a copy of their no-call policy, sent USPS Certified with card. If you can't wring a valid address, audio recording yourself revoking consent might fly in settlement if not court, especially if you have very good Caller ID records, and recordings of prior calls safely stored. (Some people like to shoot well lit photos of a CID device displaying the offenses as independent proof.) From that point, subsequent calls are indisputably ''knowing''. Their lack of a DNC policy would be another 'gotcha'. You could install an entire central air system with the damages.

You have a caller apparently willing to do stupid things, so it's your option to be happy with the current fines or play for more. The cease-comm will not be retroactive; the sins of the past month remain. Here's a story from someone who settled such a case for a few dollars in postal fees:

Friendly formatted version of TCPA:
 Apr 10th, 2011
Well, well, well. This guy’s greed finally got the better of him!

On 3-3, I received a robocall from a person offering to clean my duct work for a really low price. I pressed '1' and left a message saying that I might be interested but wouldn’t do business with a company that didn’t identify itself.

Then I received a series of calls from this number:

3-3-11, 7:19 pm, machine not set
3-7-11, 8:44 pm, machine not set
3-9-11, 10:48 am, hung up on machine
3-16-11, 9:03 pm, hung up on machine
3-21-11, 9:01 pm, machine not set
4-10-11, 3: 13 pm…

Today, I answered and was greeted by an unnamed individual who claimed to be following up on my desire to have air duct cleaning done, since I have left my name and phone number on his ‘machine’ (I didn’t).

I asked who I was speaking to and he said ‘Ron, at Quality Air.’

I explained that I knew I hadn’t left my name and number on his machine because I would never do that in response to a robocall, and asked how he had obtained it.

He hung up on me.


Question for anyone who might know: Does that mean that his robocaller stamped my message with my name and phone number?
 Apr 10th, 2011
Called at 9:01 pm. The machine wasn't set. I never heard it ring.
 Mar 22nd, 2011
Hung up on the machine once again.

I guess it can't be that important.
 Mar 17th, 2011
I've received 3 calls from this number in the past several days. The first 2 times my answering machine wasn't set and I never heard the phone ring.

This time, I let the machine pick it up.

3-3-11, 7:19 pm, machine not set
3-7-11, 8:44 pm, machine not set
3-9-11, 10:48 am, hung up on machine

Not a clue who it is. In google, it's turned up in a couple expired classified ads, but I have't responded to any ads.

Maybe next time, I'll answer it since there seems to be a pattern here.
 Mar 09th, 2011