Caller first wanted me to guess who was calling, said he had a cold so his voice sounded different. Since I live in a small town I thought it could be someone trying to be funny. I told him I really had no clue, and he would have to just tell me. Said his name was Terry and asked if I rememberd him coming in the other day. I work at a chamber office so we have lots of in and out traffic and I'm kinda new. There are also two receptionist here so thought maybe it could have been her that he talked with. He sounded hurt/offended that I couldn't remember him. He asked if the other girl was in today and if we were the only ones in the office. I told him my boss workes here too and he said "I know it wasn't him". That that was strange being as my boss is a woman. He talked somewhat quitely, and sounded if maybe he was on somehting. Very STRANGE!! I asked what it was I could do for him and he appoligized and began to tell me he was upset today and couldn't shake it. Said he had an argument with his wife. Asked if everyone argues? I said "oh I'm sure everyone does" Then asked what I ment by that? Kinda felt like he was trying to keep me on the phone for some reason. I Asked again what I could help him with. Then told me he argued with his wife about her smoking habbit. Asked if it was hard to quit a habbit? Asked if he should just tell her to quit? Tried to give him straight one word answers. Caller alwasy followed up with... What do you mean by that? Then I finally asked if he ment to call (where i work)? Don't think he understood me and said "NO I've never called there before" I said "well that is what you called. I think you have the wrong number" He said, "oh a wrong number? That's what i have?" I said "yes I'm sorry! Maybe I'll call later" Then hung up! He called back within 30 min. I did not answer!
 Sep 14th, 2011
This man called and knew my name without me ever mentioning it then proceded to identify himself by name as long time customer. It didn't sound like the same person so he excused himself as having a cold, when I asked how I could help him he stated that he was in an argument but asked if I knew who he had argued with. When I said I would have no idea he said he had to go and would call back. He sounded like he was drugged up or something and my boss picked up to listen on the the other line, this is when he hung up. Not even a minute later he called back and when asked if he would like to talk to the boss he said he only wanted to talk to me! After my boss picked up again to see if he could identify the person or help him he again said he had to go and would call back later. STRANGE! Anyways, it freaks me out slightly that he not only knew my name but also a customers and the call came from a cell phone listed in Ponitac Michigan about 3 hours from here. Good Luck if the weirdo calls you, how can it be reported?
 Jun 09th, 2010
Said he was a former b&b guest and wanted to come back to stay with us again. But wouldn't give details about his trip, instead wanted to know my opinion about his wife smoking and wearing lipstick which he didn't like and wouldn't kiss her and wouldn't to like keep her anymore because of that. He was also asking if I wear make up or if I smoke and what my opinion is regarding his argument with his wife. Weird... he sort of wanted to flirt but I kept asking details about his "forthcoming trip" to Alaska. He used a name from our guest list so the whole time I was talking with him thought I was talking to somebody who had been our guest and didn't want to be rude to him.
 Apr 10th, 2010