I cannot believe the nasty attitude of the caller on the other end of the line. The phone rings at 7:30am and my children are still alseep (this better be important because when they sleep, I sleep)...the young man identifies himself as an employee of direct lending and asks to speak w/ my husband; after being told that he was asleep he begins to ask me a barrage of questions to which I tell him that 7:30am is not a good time. He gets irritated and I tell him that I can have my husband call him. He demands to know when he will call "Becaue I'm not going to be in the office all day waiting for him" I ask why he is so nasty and he wants to know why I am rushing him off of the phone. I again tell him that my family is asleep and that this is not a good time. His response is that "normal/ average" people are up at that hour on Saturday insinuating that somehow we are not "normal", then gets angry and hangs up on me. I am furios and would NEVER let me repeat NEVER EVER do business with this company...not only that, but I will encourage EVERYONE that I know anf EVERYONE within earshot not to do business with people who allow their employees to use any tactics they please in order for them to make a commission.
Mrs. Miller
 Sep 09th, 2006