They asked for a person who die years ago. I will tell the police. My number is on the donot call list
 Mar 31st, 2015
I continuously receive calls from this number. It is listed as Watchdog, INC. I have requested a DO NOT CALL, but the calls continue. I will be filing a police report (because this seems quite suspicious) I will also file this complaint with the FCC and possible take legal action. THIS IS NOT THE ACTIONS OF A LEGAL SECURITY COMPANY. Sometimes when the phoned was picked up, there was silence and no one would say anything. SUSPICIOUS
 Mar 24th, 2015
was expecting a call this morning so I picked this call up. Said "hello" several times with no response. What kind of security company would do that? Are they just checking to see if anyone is home so they can rob us??
 Nov 05th, 2014
they call all the time and do not speak and if u call them back it just rings and rings. reverse look up number and as reported above just a name and number in south-field mi

yes reported them to do not call list and thats all u can do no harm done they can call all they want if thats all they have time for.
bull crap
 Feb 18th, 2014
Another call from this number today. No message was left. I don't answer calls from names and numbers I don't know. Will be blocking this number since it seems like they'll be calling everyday.
 Feb 12th, 2014