When people call my house, I immediately know if they are trying to sell me something or not based on which phone rings. My house number is not known by anyone, I have never given it out, so any company calling it, I know has bought my number from someone (a well known carpet company sold my information to a bunch of places).

In this case, I was called by Santanna, by a new employee by the name of Caleb. He stated that DTE had given them my information to make sure i was getting the right price. Within a minute of realizing what his sales pitch was, i immediately informed him I am not interested in changing my energy service (due to having been scammed in the past, about 5 years ago). Caleb informed me that their company works through DTE, stated that DTE is having them call users, to make sure their rate has dropped. When i specified that if this was indeed a DTE thing, i would rather call them, and deal with them directly. I also stated that if DTE was indeed having them call me, they would have used the number on my account, NOT my house phone. He was a bit pushy, and said he could call them right now and they would tell me they were having him call me. I got the contact information for Santanna customer service, and he started his little sales pitch again.

After a few minutes of me telling him again i was not interested, and pointing out the flaws in his sales pitch, he started crying, stating it was only his second day, and he only gets paid if someone signs up. I stated i felt badly for him, but having been scammed in the past, I am not interested.

At some point, I flipped sides and agreed to go through the verification process, but only because he was very clear i could cancel it if i was unhappy. So the woman got on the phone and started her questions, and on the third question, the phrasing of the question threw me off. The way she explained it, i would be getting charged through michcon for my billing, his company for the rates DTE for the bill itself.. and the few random charges. When i asked the woman to clarify the question, because it took over a minute to rattle off, she wasnt able to do so. When i asked a direct question to make sure I understood what the question was she DID say i would get charged from both places. Technically shes not allowed to answer any questions i asked.. which both Caleb and his supervisor who was listening in stated. She canceled the verification call and i was sent back to Caleb and his supervisor. They tried to explain the question, refused to listen to me when i stated I was not comfortable with the phrasing of that question. The supervisor would not stop talking to let me ask questions, or explain my issue with the phrasing of the question.

I called DTE immediately after this call, and asked the woman who picked up if they were indeed giving my information out to this company, and explained that the company stated they were sent BY DTE. She said no, they would never do that, ould never call and ask for my account number. She said theres nothing that can be done about these companies claiming that DTE is sending them, because they are covered under (whatever law she said) to do that. She did however warn me that this company does have a habit of automatically switching you once they have your account number, and to make sure to check my next bill very closely. If i get switched, I have to talk their company, its out of DTEs hands. My next bill is sent out in a few days, and you better believe, if i see their name on my bill I will flip out and join any class action suit filed against them.

For those needing the customer service information its eight hundred seven six four four four two seven.

I feel bad about making the new guy cry, however when a person says no, they are not interested, dont try to bully them into signing up, or guilt trip by crying. Just thank them for their time, and hang up. I will never use your service, even if it would save me money because of this.
 May 30th, 2012