This lady call me all day long, ever 30 minutes asking for donations. She called from 248-351-6713. It's so annoying! My number is unlisted and is on the DO Not Call registry but they are still calling. She calls me even after 9pm eastern standard time.
 Feb 23rd, 2014
2X today
Charles Smith
 Sep 11th, 2012
Number is for Associated Community Services,in Southfield,Michigan. Got a call wanting donations for Breast Cancer Awareness.
 May 05th, 2011
According to 248-351-6713 belongs to Albert Weathers, 14172 Riverview Street, Detroit, MI 48223-2413. If this is a professional fund-raising organization, why is the phone number in the name of an individual and show up as being in Southfield, MI? In my opinion, this has all the indications of being a scam operation. Do as I've done: file a complaint with the MI Attorney General. Six or more phone calls a day after being asked not to call is harassment and illegal, even for a legitimate oprganization.
 Feb 06th, 2011
These people have been calling about every 20-30 minutes for weeks. Finally picked up and they asked for me by name. I said it was me and they asked if I still wanted to donate to the Breast Cancer Fund. I asked when I had agreed to do that and they said, "on the 7th." The caller got the message that I was very annoyed and that I basically wasn't going to give them anything and told me good-bye before I had a chance to say I didn't ever recall agreeing to that and won't be donating, so stop calling. It remains to be seen whether they will continue to hound my house. I am on the Do Not Call Registry, my number is unlisted...I am curious to know how they got my name and number and I am certain they can be reported for violation of the no call list.


The number they call me from is (248) 351-6713.
S. Lee
 Dec 10th, 2010
They want you to send cash thru the mail.
 Nov 12th, 2010
after letting them know i wasn't interested, they called an hour later for my husband and then twelve more times that day until nine at night. the calls started again at nine in the morning. what the hell is wrong with people? this is ridiculous. they are blocked but it is insane that we have to put up with this just for having an "emergency" landline... lame
 Sep 17th, 2010
This is tied to calls from Michigan 248-351-6713. If you don't contribute, shortly after your receive this call you will get one from the Michigan number (Associated Community Services). Sounds a lot like ACORN doesn't it. Looks like they are raising money for their candidate.
No Way
 Sep 16th, 2010
"Associated Community Services" sounds a bit like ACORN. Nice way to collect money from us honkeys and put it toward their candidate...don't you think?
No Way
 Sep 16th, 2010
I read in my Sunday newspaper that these organizations know how much we make, how much they think we should be able to donate, and many others things that I do not think is any of their business. They also get together and trade info about us to other organizations and then we start getting stuff from them too. I am cutting it all off. I will donate only to Red Cross because I know what they do with my money.
David Case
 May 18th, 2010
I do not want to receive calls fro this number in the future. I am setting up my donations through my bank and will no longer accept any phone calls or mail solcitations.
David Case
 May 18th, 2010
This number called several times a day, arguing that I had agreed to make a $30 donation!!!
 May 06th, 2010
I received a call earlier from an "800 services number" asking for a $20 donation. As we know people who've had breast cancer and support breast cancer research, I agreed. This evening I received a call from this 248 number, confirming my name and address and asking that I send in my check within 24 hours of receipt of their pledge card. I mentioned this to my wife, who being wiser than me, suggested that this might be a scam. I checked Charity Navigator and Breast Cancer Society is not evaluated. I checked Google and came up with indications that this is a scam.
 Feb 22nd, 2010
I was first called by an 866-890-4090 number today. The woman asked for me by name and said she was calling for a donation for breast cancer research. I explained I had to leave to take my child to school and they could mail the info. to me. An hour later I received a call from the second number-248-351-6713. A rude woman called asking for my husband. I asked who was calling. She stated the same company. I told her we don't make donations over the phone and they can mail something to us. She said she just spoke to my husband an hour ago and he promised a $20 donation. I told her that was a lie. My husband is at work. It was me she had spoken with.

I understand they are allowed to call for donations. Demanding a donation that was never promised and lying about it is not allowable. I reported this company. The second woman who called was very rude and insisted my husband (who is at work) was home and promised the money. I am recording any calls I do not recognize. Do they really think people are that naive?!
 Feb 04th, 2010
Rc'd a solicitation from an organization requesting a donation at this phone number 1st:866-398-8233 at the end of Dec.2009. Only asked for their information to check up on this organization. The same day and a few hrs later, rc'd calls from the 248 number demanding the $20.00 donation. Never promised this money to the organization. Kept calling up to six times that day and would quickly hang up if my spouse didn't answer. Next morning, started calling very early, told themto stop and never call again! Otherwise, I'd report them to the Federal DO NOT CALL organization. Calls finally stopped. The calls for money came up with the phone number showing, but Non available listed? A woman did give her name? But, the name of the business was never given.
 Jan 12th, 2010
My husband rc'd a call from an organization requesting a donation. He told them to send him their business information only. The same day, we started receiving harassing calls demanding the money he promised to donate! He told the person, he did not promise a donation and requested only the information since there are too many companies soliciting monies for charities out there illegally. When I answered, the person would quickly try to hang up when I told them my husband wasn't home. I said, "Oh, no you don't!!" I'm informing you NOT to ever call here again. In one day, (Saturday) we rc'd six calls. The following day, Sunday the calls started just after 8:00 am. That's when I lost my temper and told the person never to call again. **Special note* it is against the law in NJ for these organizations to block the name of their business. It they're soliciting money for a business, the organization must I.D. themselves as a fund raiser and cannot block their phone number. UNAVAILABLE is NOT allowed to be used. This is done for a reason. Unfortunately, we stopped giving contributions over the phone after our information was sold to a clearing-house and we rc'd too many other calls for donations after this incident. Now a days, you're better off requesting the organizations information first, then decide. In NJ the business can be looked up on the State of NJ's website to ensure they are ligitimate before donating. Good Luck!
 Jan 12th, 2010
Business running this is Associated Community Services (ACS),
claims to be a professional community fundraiser working for many different organizations.
Callerid says "Southfield MI"
248 is area code for Michigan, near Detroit.

They're calling me several times a day, morning and night to solicit donations for breast cancer, and they are ignoring my requests to stop the calls. Since a computer is making the call (2 second delay before someone speaks from that side), I'm gonna try to trick the computer with a false SIT tone in hopes that I get automatically added to the dead list.
 Dec 29th, 2009
this is the company behind this number call them and give them a taste of thier own medicine, Associated Community Services
Associated Community Services
29777 Telegraph Rd STE 3000
Southfield, MI 48034-1303
Federal EIN 38-3457359
And another address of:
24681 Northwestern HWY
Southfield, MI 48075
 Nov 15th, 2009
Called six times in the past three days. Called early in day and late at night. No response when ring answered.
Very annoying!!!. Worrisome too.
 Aug 07th, 2009
Caller said he representing Navy Veterans Assn. and asked for a donation for care packages for our servicemen in Iraz. When I asked what size donation, he suggested a $20 minimum. When I asked would I find that he's on the up-and-up if I check him out with the Better Business Bureau, he assured me that his organization is registered with the State. He sounded very convincing and, after I agreed to donate the minimum, he transferred the call to a woman, who asked what form of payment I would be using; they wanted either a check or money order. Then, an hour or so later, another woman called from a differen number--248-351-6713--and wanted to insure that I would be sending the pledged $20. She didn't want me to make the payment on-line; she preferred a personal check, and she wanted to insure that I would mail it within 2 or 3 days of receiving the written request in the mail. How do I know whether this is legit or a scam?
 May 07th, 2009
I have recieved many calls from this Number some as late as midnight
 Jan 14th, 2009
Said they were seeking contributions for a Navy Veterans organization. When I asked for more particulars they put me on hold...I finally hung up.
 Jun 12th, 2008
original call claim disabled vets, put me on hold I hung up within minutes I got a call from the 248 exchange saying we must have been cut off, I told them yes, on purpose I told them I give to DAv, one vets group is enough, told them not to call anymore they are very vague as to who they are, they want to lock you in for donation but don't want you to know anything about them probably best thing you can do is tell them you are turning their number into state attorney general
 Apr 01st, 2008
They called today, partway through call they told me they were recording call, rather than at beginning of call, which is the legal thing to do.
 Jan 23rd, 2008
They called 10 times a day, sometimes 3 minutes apart with no message left at anytime.
When we finally spoke it was to make a pledge for Viet Nam Vets. wore me out.
 Dec 01st, 2007
Very pushy requesting $10.00 donation. I hange up. Continues to call day and night SEVERAL TIMES AND DIFFERNT HOURS!!! other caller ID noticed is 1-248-351-6713
 Nov 17th, 2007
These people have called our house 8 times today. Nobody ever answers when I say 'Hello?', and if I let the machine pick up, they don't leave a message.... It's driving me crazy!
 Jul 20th, 2007
I have filed an online complaint regarding this number with the Attorney General's Office of the State of Michigan.
 May 22nd, 2007
Called 8 f*ckin' times today. Sometimes less than 10 minutes apart. These a**holes are outrageous. The number is from the state of Michigan
 May 22nd, 2007
Same thing. Called several times in one day, never leaves message or reason for call.
 May 19th, 2007
Called six times today arguing with us that we owed a pledge to their children's cancer fund.
 Apr 12th, 2007