I had gotten on here months ago to see who the number was for, and saved it on my phone as do not answer. Now I have summons from them today. It's for HSBC/ Orchard Bank Credit Card - I want to see a bill before I pay. I probably do owe them but I don't know if for this much. Very interesting
 May 07th, 2012
It is a collection company.
Mr. A
 Sep 16th, 2011
it is an attorneys office that deals with bad debts. change your number, thats what i do.
 Jun 01st, 2011
This attorney also uses her "power" to abuse collection laws...NEVER send her a check to pay your debt because after she gets it she just helps herself to your account. I think she's married to the judge.
 Aug 19th, 2010
Errm, Ms. Heller? You do realize this collector Elliott will never read your plea. If you're in a payment plan with this person, why are you not in direct contact? If you're being chased for debt by Elliott and have no agreement, then document the collection calls for the forum here and get validation.

May I (again) advise you and other newcomers these forums are strictly for call recipients to share their findings. They are NOT direct open channels to the phone bank boiler rooms we comment upon.
 Aug 01st, 2010
To Mary Jane M. Elliott P.C.
I am trying to make payments on this loan but I cannot do it this week until aug. 11,2010, and I think I will be making double payments, but I do not want to confirm that, right now big bills came through that needed attention and I needed leg surgery for my veins in my legs were swelling and making me uncomfortable, but I do want this balance gone and I will get back to it on aug,11, I want you to know what is going on and know I am trying and not forgetting, hopefully you will get this and thanks for reading it and hopefully understand where I am at right now.
Thanks again Sue Heller
sue heller
 Jul 31st, 2010
The hired help at this number should be fired for non-professional work habits and ethics.The owner of this firm buys long defaulted bad debts.My client is a disabled man who defaulted on a credit card which was insured against loss.Someone is double-dipping.
 Oct 16th, 2008
Mary Jane M. Elliott PC
Collections Attorney

Address: 24300 Karim Blvd.
Novi, MI 48375-2942

Phone: (248) 306-2000
Fax: 248-306-2014
 Nov 25th, 2007