A service using this number and many others continues to call.
I have received more than 20 hassling phone calls from this service. They unfortunately use a variety of phone numbers to help disguise what I believe to be an information scam.

Unfortunately, I picked up the first time which validated the phone number.
Additionally I "Pressed 1" which further confirmed that the number is real.

If you do not pick up, they leave a message saying something to this extent...
This message is urgent act now to lower your interest rate.

If you do pick up someone answers from 'card services'. I immediately ask to be put on the no call list- and they hang up.
This has happened more than (3) times.

If I call back. A prompt is played "One moment please, we are calling your party". 5 - 10 seconds pass and then the number is busy.
I have tried this (3) times as well.
Berlin Germany
 Sep 20th, 2016