some foreign accent idiot. claims that computer said it had a virus and he can help. I told him to go F-himself with a pineapple
Rhode Island
 Jul 14th, 2015
This # has been calling for weeks and today I answered because I looked up the number the other day. He was an Indian guy who had my name right and proceeded to tell me he was calling from the Windows Company. LOL Anyway I told him I didn't have time for his scam and knew about his M.O. He gladly and quickly began to tell me to F-Off over and over. I returned the sentiment and hung up.
 Jun 30th, 2015
Some Indian guy says his name is Max with technical support for Windows.
what a dumbass scammer. Windows is an operating system, not a freaking company.
yesterday he said his name was John.
i did a *69 this time since i don't have caller id.
 Jun 16th, 2015