got call from this number. They said (India speakers) that they were from "Windows and they needed our windows installation code and for me to turn on my computer and they would upgrade the necessary files" I asked them again where they were from and what they wanted and they repeated they wanted me to turn my computer on and give them the installation code.
 Oct 15th, 2014
Have received several calls from this number i July 2014. Always a foreign accent, claim to be calling from "technical department of Windows operating system."
 Jul 24th, 2014
The callers have been _relentless_. We "label" them ORGANIZED CRIME CALLERS _because_ they NEVER LEAVE ANY MESSAGE-let alone a credible voice mail message on our answering machine/answering service-which leads us to believe-rightly or wrongly that these are NOT legitimate callers. The calls "began" around 2009-in earnest-and used to be made from California area code 949-after that a 360 are code-for close to 6 weeks the caller ID displays indicated: 304-829-4527/and now "harking" back to several to years ago "back" once more to 235-897-6589. SEVERAL callers begin with a FEMALE PRERECORDED VOICE saying: "Hello this is Bridget [another name used is "Carmen"] from card services...this is a very important call/this is your LAST CHANCE to reduce the interest rate on your credit card.." MORE REASONS for believing these are organized crime callers (1) The callers are _ALWAYS_ recorded voices (2) The callers _NEVER_ leave a message (3) The callers are relentless-telephoning our numbers several times each day as if they are CASING the area in preparation for committing a crime-on July 8th, 2014 they telephoned not once but twice the same day the same caller as per caller ID display-on July 7th, 2014 three separate times-at different times of day (4) The callers possess _ZERO_ "authorities" to either raise or "lower" ANYONE'S interest rate on "anything" let alone a LEGITIMATE credit rate authorized by a LEGITIMATE credit card company (5) The callers call from all over the country (6) We have had the SAME telephone numbers for longer than a decade [10 years] (7) The callers CONTINUE CALLING even "after" leaving messages about "this is your LAST CHANCE TO LOWER the interest rate on your credit card" we WISH it WOULD BE the VERY LAST TIME PLEASE! let it BE THE LAST TIME etc. etc. _GIVEN_ that The Obama Administration NSA has collected every single telephone call made from every single telephone beginning on January 20th, 2009 and not "even" USA House Speaker Boehner's threat of an imminent lawsuit has stopped the eavesdropping-that a USA Federal Judge has ruled EXTRA-CONSTITUTIONAL we have _zero_ "ideas" about _WHY_ these calls cannot be stopped+stopped in 2009 "by" the quote MOST TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION in "history" UNQUOTE
West Virginia
 Jul 08th, 2014
I have received several calls from this unknown name. I have used the reverse lookup to try and figure out who it might be but the reverse look up tells me that the 245 prefix is invalid. They don't leave a message on the voice mail either so it must be a number that can use your telephone to forward their calls. Don't answer this number!!! possible charges may show up on your phone bill!
 Jun 18th, 2014