I received a phone call at 5:45 AM, yes AM, by a VERY RUDE and NASTY woman who refused to give her name or company name. She asked for someone named "Faith." No last name given. I asked her if she knew what time it was and she said: "it doesn't matter what time it is, I'm with the Court and if I want to talk to someone I WILL talk to them, and I don't care what time it is!" I was shocked, as you can imagine. I told her that I don't know anyone by that name and she insisted that she was given this number to call. I asked her to repeat the number, thinking that she may have misdialed. No, she had the correct number. She then hung up. I called the number on the caller ID back and the recording said that I had reached the "Investigation Bureau." Who are they pretending to be, the FBI or something. Isn't that illegal?
 Feb 26th, 2008