what type of research did you do to come up with the fact that it is a collection agency, apparently not enough because my mother received a call from the same person (and his name is dennis for your information brenda), and it is a litigations firm who handles debts that have gone past the collection agency stage, you can check for yourself online at, click on services, and click on litigations consulting services, they facilitate court action through your home county and have a team of attorneys that litigate and file jugements against people that skip out on bills- such as myself, i thought the statute of limitations past and made me no longer obligated to the debt, but judgments can be filed up to 20 years after charge-off, i spoke to an attorney leazon and was able to save $11,000 off my debt from a reposessed vehicle from 1996. my balance was $15,345.96 and i settled for $4300. i strongly encourage anyone who receives a call from this number to take it seriously, you don't want to have to end up in court paying soooo much more than you could have on an attorney and filing fees when you could have taken advantage of a settlement and saved a lot of money.
 Feb 15th, 2008
Upon investigation, this number is a debt collection agency. They left a message that said: "This is Special Investigator, David Belle. I'm calling because of a civil complaint and criminal charges have been filed against you and formalized through XXX County and you have been named as a respondant and you must appear... Tell these people to TAKE A HIKE! It is illegal for a debt collection agency to use these tactics when trying to collect a debt.
 Feb 14th, 2008