Keep getting these stupid calls from this number 240-210-7118 the never leave a message call whenever and on the weekend so f***ing annoying.
 Apr 13th, 2010
Get this...these folks called my cell and called my sister in Texas to reach my ex! WHAT???
 Jul 14th, 2009
These people have called several times looking for my niece who lives in GA, she moved from TEXAS to GA and have never lived with me. I moved from TEXAS and now live in AL and told them not only has she never lived with me we don't live in the same state and they still call with their unknown number.
 Apr 29th, 2009
These people at 240-210-7118 called me on my NEW CELLPHONE.

The first time they called on Apr 2, I missed the call, and their recording demanded that *someone I never heard of* call them back asap. Not knowing what else to do without paying for even more minutes, I ignored the call.

The second time, on Apr 6, I answered, and a real person asked for the same unknown person they mentioned in their voice mail. I told them I never heard of this person, and this was a new, unlisted cellphone.

Ignoring that, they then asked if I knew where this other person was. I told them in no uncertain terms that I had NO idea, they were calling a new cell phone, and I didn't feel I should have to pay for their minutes!!! They then told me they would take my number off their "list"...

...this morning, Apr 14, they called again. I didn't answer, and thankfully they didn't leave a voice mail (which I would have had to pay minutes for).

I'm sure they will be spamming me again. I love my wireless plan, but can't block numbers unless I pay for a "parental control" feature, which I do not need. What do I do? :(

Caller shows as: 240-210-7118
Caller: according to others, West Asset Mgt
 Apr 14th, 2009
West Asset Management is a third-party Collection Agency, a "Junk Debt Buyer."
 Mar 24th, 2009
I would recommend you contact
Federal Communications Commission

Federal Trade Commission
and the Better Business Bureau.
They each have on line forms to file a complaint

The West Asset Management company Website is
 Dec 24th, 2008
Keep receiving calls from this number several times throughout the day. When the clerk answers the phone, it's just dead air. The line it is calling is also used for emergencies.
Prv Business
 Oct 17th, 2008