This was not a sales call, but was a survey which I answered all of the caller's question. The only question not answered was my name. I told the young lady that I preferred not to tell her my name. It ended up that she already had my name and got angry with me because I did not want to give my name. After several requests she stated that I answered all of the survey questions and could not turn in her survey without my name. She played her hand and told me what my name was, I still did not tell her. This made her angry, she asked several times "who the hell was I". Then said my phone number would be called everyday until they got my name. So I laughed at her, and asked who the hell she was? Then she told me to go to hell, to which I again laughed at her and told her that I would likely be seeing her in hell. Then she told me to hang up the phone, of course I did not. I look forward to the calls everyday. It is sad that this is her livelihood and that she likely needs it to put food on the table.
 Oct 18th, 2014