This number belongs to one of those foreign Indian callers stating that something is "wrong" with your computer and they need to use an internet program to remotely control your computer in order to prevent this from happening, but in actuality, they swipe all your personal data, then tell you how stupid you are after they have conned you. The original caller used a 1-3919 number but I let him know early on that I was on to him, so the guy then told me to "suck his d!@k." After I insulted his manhood, he got upset, and proceeded to call me back 3 times with the 1-3919 number making obscene statements. After I wouldn't respond to the vulgar language and his phone calls, he lastly used this number from Bonita Springs, FL. He finally stopped when I told him I was going to use this number to report him to the police.
 Jun 23rd, 2015