215-274-9594 -aka- 231-460-6076 -aka- 239-603-0495 -aka- 239-603-0995 -aka- 269-210-2036 -aka- 269-220-7893 -aka- 269-883-9402 -aka- 281-624-4533 -aka- 301-274-6058 -aka- 302-212-1827 -aka- 302-219-9619 -aka- 308-365-6942 -aka- 313-442-7326 -aka- 313-442-7328 -aka- 331-279-2979 -aka- 336-203-0057 -aka- 337-408-1568 -aka- 346-331-4105 -aka- 351-207-8332 -aka- 401-298-2544 -aka- 406-797-5275 -aka- 419-559-4215 -aka- 419-930-6184 -aka- 419-930-6207 -aka- 443-228-7043 -aka- 502-205-5494 -aka- 513-434-1901 -aka- 513-434-1902 -aka- 516-243-1914 -aka- 561-270-8928 -aka- 570-867-9654 -aka- 571-319-5875 -aka- 605-210-7719 -aka- 631-228-9114 -aka- 631-402-9352 -aka- 631-402-9353 -aka- 678-318-0816 -aka- 678-409-3374 -aka- 704-228-9016 -aka- 704-228-9026 -aka- 717-450-9410 -aka- 717-450-9418 -aka- 718-475-9208 -aka- 724-257-8203 -aka- 724-393-9098 -aka- 725-600-6334 -aka- 740-351-9234 -aka- 765-780-8627 -aka- 769-235-4931 -aka- 772-210-8063 -aka- 801-448-0976 -aka- 803-219-2412 -aka- 828-248-0503 -aka- 828-548-6764 -aka- 843-790-0045 -aka- 845-203-3395 -aka- 845-289-1691 -aka- 856-249-1037 -aka- 859-999-7014 -aka- 878-205-1018 -aka- 914-331-7187 -aka- 914-331-7189 -aka- 914-331-7233 -aka- 914-580-6764 -aka- 918-600-1962 just called our business. Caller ID showed up as "Callicoon NY". It was an illegal robocall from Better Merchant Services. - "Attention business owners! Better Merchant Services calling you with an important announcement! You may have heard recently that credit and debit card processing fees for business owners had their rates cut substantially by the federal government through the Durbin amendment of the Dodd-Frank Act. We have found that many processors are not passing these cuts through to their merchants and instead keeping the discounts as profits for themselves. Getting these cuts now could add thousands of dollars per year to your bottom line by lowering your bill every month. If you would like to learn more about this rate cut program for business owners, press 1 now to leave your name, phone number, and best contact time. One of our agents will get back to you at your convenience. If you would like to be removed from our list, press 9." - These are the same scumbags that call our business nonstop from dozens upon dozens of different numbers, most of which have been spoofed. Call blockers do NOT work against these people as they are using spoofers and the numbers change every day. In our line of business, unfortunately we have to answer calls from all of the different area codes. Reporting the calls to the FTC as harassment, and contacting the AG's office in regards to these calls.
 May 12th, 2017