im 16 years old and i just got a call from a restricted number saying, send $125 to kedean graham. he said that once i do that i will get $250,000 in return. he also said something about my insurance, but once he called again i didnt answer because i seen this.
Alexia Lee
 Jun 15th, 2012
I'm a police officer, I just investigated a fraud case involving this number. Subject claimed his name was "Kedean Graham Jr.". He attempted to commit a check cashing scam on an older gentlemen. He wanted the guy to get a western union money order for $290 for 'processing and insurance', and then once he got that, 2 men were supposed to come by with a check for $85,000 for this man.

Typical scam, but beware. The reporting party on this call does not have internet and never has owned a computer, he's not sure how they got his number.

the guy said these people also called from a number beginning with area code 876, which is Jamaica
 Jun 09th, 2010