Called my cell number whispering this name GREG the number is 2394003725
 Sep 14th, 2015
this guy is def a scammer met me on says he was in Ukraine, Says he was american turned out nigerian there are 2 other numbers i have 805-464-6452 which he can only text from than called me from 239-400-3725 which we spoke . He told me he wanted to marry me and that he is buying a house in the town i grew up in. He wanted my address to send a gift. He told me hw was a widow, than changed to divorce and said that his wife cheated on him. Than when i told him... i thought you were widow he gave me a story on how after she left him she called back after they got divorce and he tried to save her life. what bull he states he has a 15 yr old. he said he was born im Michigan yet he has some sort of heavy accent. when i asked him why he has one he than said he grew up in the netherlands. total scammer!!!
 May 28th, 2013