Calls at least three times a week and even called yesterday on a late Sunday afternoon. Caller ID only shows as Out of Area. Sorry I reported the number as 2424 bit it should have been 2404. I never answer calls that do not show a name on Caller ID. This number would not leave a message which is typical of FTPA. My mistake, I gave donated once and now that I can't afford to donate they will not let up!
They Won't Give Up!
 Mar 10th, 2014
Florida Trooper and Police Association. I.U.P.A. is recognized as a non-profit by the IRS, due to it’s particular tax status (501(c)5), donations are not tax deductable. The Sun Sentinel found that the bulk of money the charity takes in goes to private telemarketers or fundraising efforts, with the cash sometimes going to such things as salaries for the charity officials, or for lawyers to represent law enforcement officers in actions involving their agencies.
 Mar 09th, 2014