Angela.. Yes.. I also had searched prior to writing on this site... Finding they have several numbers & also MANY Complaints through the BBB ;o)
Obviously.. you work for them and/or affiliated with this company,right?! Normal people wouldn't take the time out of their day to become this Company's "Super Hero's" against injustice to defend them now?!
...Except, the many one's of us,which they had buzzed and pissed us off.. Oh.. as well as the many BBB Complaint's..
Sounds as if you are most likely one person speaking kindly on their behalf,cause you work for them.. Hmmmm? Perhaps, of the double dipping Doctor's sending already paid bills into collection's that by interrupting our day by continuously bothering us to another way to get money out of us? I think not..
maybe this issue wouldn't occur, if not from directly of the idiot staff personal of these Doctor's, who didn't originally get our billing information correct the first time, while we were at the Hospital,or visiting a Doctor..

I should know, cause I've worked in the Medical Field for 22 years, most of all several Doctor's offices and two Hospital's for years now and Wow.. I have seen a lot of mess up's from their Staff that shouldn't be working there. Nor making my job harder from their stupid mistakes. My patience is tested. Cause this means I have to waste more of MY time to contact my Insurance carriers then have to call the offices back to basically prove I have paid in full $0 balance.. More of MY time.. wasted.. I should be able to bill someone for this..My time being wasted.. send that time to collections! ha!
Even better and yet funny is when you're nice and regardless they still choose not to listen to you about already paying a "past due aka Paid bill and then become rude..and talk over you, then when you raise your tone of voice .. they turn around and tell you, the person they are calling NOT to speak to THEM like that! Wow.. Unbelievable. I ask them to not to contact me again and if they choose to do so, or anyone in regards to me... Then this Company will indeed hear from my Attorney.
So...let me guess... You' re just one who is contacting us,right?!
Is that why you're defending this rude spoken, dishonest, harassing business now ?
And also VERY rude to assume just because they receive a bill about us, that they are in fact true. Eve after we explain their has been a mistake on behalf of the Doctor's Office again..OR, even better.. Have NEVER be seen by this Doctor, nor had any tests ever been read from this Doctor either!

*As for me.. I have my Insurance PAY for any of my bill entirely,ded ect.. with my second insurance if needed, although I Pay my Co-Pay's instead. As well as I provide payment at that time of my visits, to avoid annoying threatening calls form any collector..

Pleaaaaaaase Yes.. DO go ahead and attempt to "ruin" my credit, cause I'm sure it cannot be any worse, so so...cause I will ADD this business along to my list on my Lawsuit for harassing me and my Family. I never even had this Doctor..told your Company this and you still persisted to claim I was "lying" and I should pay immediately..

Therefore, to be threatened by this one woman and spoken with such disrespectfulness is horrible...Cause I told her that everything was settled at time of service.
To Assume just because this Company receives a "late" bill from a Hospital means that the person on the other line ( me) in lying to avoid paying my bills? No.. means that the Company is incorrect and they should confirm with an apology! Morons!
 Nov 22nd, 2013
For the people who are complaining about this number, they are an A+ credited business through BBB.... Do your homework on the internet as I did and you will get proper info!! They are a legit collection agency out of fort myers fl. They where very decent and professional to me! Warning me of a radiology bill I owe and It was about to go to the credit bearau! A debt that I did owe and was unaware of..... They where helping me, not working against me and worked with me on a reasonsble monthly payment plan!!!
 Nov 15th, 2013
bill collector calling...very rude once i told them they had wrong number
 Oct 04th, 2012
Called twice yesterday and left messages. Didn't identify what company she worked for. Had a real attitude on the messages, though.It was a local number to me, which is why I don't think it was a debt collector. Anyone else recieved a call from this number? Thanks
 Aug 05th, 2010