Vile as that discussion was, SRTD, a recording from your system could be of great value in prosecuting these payday debt thugs, a category your caller strongly suggests. Of course, to sue them you have to find them, and that's been the tough part. Individually we may have little recourse, but if the FTC can be persuaded to act it would send a clear warning to all such criminals.

I've added some more intel to number 704-200-9909 since my prior entry here. If anyone can find the rotted brains of these oufits and they turn out to be domestic we can start filing our own suits.
 Oct 26th, 2010
This number has called my place of business twice today. I am a receptionist. The person at this number has callled before from other numbers that I could not make any sense of. After informing the indian gentleman on the phone that the person he is seeking cannot be reached at this number he asked if he could pay me for sex. When I asked for his name and supervisor he said fuck your mother. He has also stated that he wants to suck my lemons and that he is going to teach me a lesson. I continued to try to get any kind of information from him like the company and what the call was regarding but he just replied fuck you and hung up. I called the number back and tried getting just the place of business, I was put on hold then hung up on. Please help, this guy is Crazy!
 Oct 26th, 2010
Uh-huh .... The only one committing fraud is the caller. "Angel Jones" indeed ... leave it to an Indian call center drone to choose an alias that sounds like a porn actress. The FTC should get a complaint, too. See discussions for these numbers: 559-823-5337, 813-441-0108, 704-200-9909
 Oct 20th, 2010
Someone with a strong Indian accent and claimed her name was Angel Jones. She said she was calling from the Dispute Resolution Center. She called both me and a friend of mine. They stated I was responsible for a crime of fraud. They called me twice and my friend three times, once after she had hung up on them. I have received similar calls from other numbers--probably spoofed. My friend called her local state representative who then called them back. Hopefully, this will be the end of those calls.
 Oct 20th, 2010