Message left is asking for donations for FL State Troopers Association. In the past 6-8 months, we have received calls for donations to this Association from 18 different phone numbers (3 of which were spoofed). Sounds very phishy. We do not pick up and we delete all messages. The other phone numbers used: 561-203-9983; 813-413-4999; 813-444-5672; 407-505-6426 (spoofed); 941-462-1008; 239-324-9740; 305-602-3079; 941-205-0061; 239-243-9481; 239-243-9482; 239-220-5920; 239-220-5918; 813-444-5677 (spoofed); 813-337-6414; 407-792-0369; 941-205-0245; 727-914-1753 (spoofed).
 Oct 17th, 2014
This is likely a SCAM caller. The number, 239-243-9482, belongs to a florist in Naples, Florida. A florist in Naples has no reason to be randomly calling people.

In May, 2014, the same thing occurred. The phone number of Matlacha Isle Flowers in Cape Coral, Florida was also showing up in caller ID's. However, the phone number, 239-243-9481 had been hi-jacked by scammers. People picking up their phone were being asked to donate to Fl State Troopers, etc. The caller used the phone number of the florist in the Caller ID to trick the householder into picking up the phone.

The BBB warned of this SCAM some time ago.....the use of regular phone numbers in the caller ID to fool people into thinking the call is "normal" and to pick up the phone. Don't fall for it. I feel badly for the businesses and people who are having their phone numbers hi-jacked for scammers.
 Sep 13th, 2014