Calls numerous times a day and hangs up.
 Oct 29th, 2013
This number calls me at least once a day. I want it to stop. It is very annoying and they are using up all my minutes.
North Carolina
 Oct 19th, 2013
I keep getting nonstop calls from this number. The first time they called, an automated voice said "thank you." and hung up. Eventually another time a stereotypical indian telemarketer was on the phone & claiming my virus had a computer. His next step was probably trying to sell me something but I immediately told him computers are my forte and that he sounded like a complete idiot. I told him to kindly put my number on their do not call list. It is illegal for them not to comply.
 Sep 28th, 2013
My girlfriend keeps getting a call from this number and all it says is thank you and hangs up.......................... WTF I can't call it. What is going on!!!
South Dakota
 Sep 28th, 2013
This is a company trying scam people into accessing their computer. I suspected they wanted money and/or install a virus!!!
 Sep 03rd, 2013
No message. Received three calls so far. Won't answer- odd phone number
 Jul 09th, 2013