I believe BestBuy sells our contact info to this company without our consent.
New Jersey
 Aug 21st, 2010
Do not answer or give out any info; this is a scam. Has been calling from multiple numbers. I guess 231-732-2731 is their new number.
Other numbers used were:
 Jan 23rd, 2010
Do not answer or give out any info; this is a scam. Has been calling from multiple numbers. I guess 231-732-2732 is their new number.
Other numbers used were:
 Jan 16th, 2010
Amazing; they called 8 times yesterday! Once, I was actually stunned when I got a voicemail. The dude must've forgotten he was on the phone and waiting for an answer because all he said "Hello?". He sounded shocked and excited as if he couldn't believe somebody answered. Ehehhehhe...nice turn of events.
Gina From Texas
 Jan 14th, 2010
These guys are frequent flyers. We get unwanted calls almost exclusively on our land line (We keep our cell phones off), but these guys take the prize. According to Caller ID, they've called 6 times so far today (once yesterday for the first time). Of course there's no message. It's a sneak attack. Honest callers leave a message. We do not pick up, if only because we could be placed on a list of those likely to pick up and at what time. We'd never press ANY buttons to "get off the calling list" (We've been in the Do Not Call Registry). The buttons could open your line to their use. It also best not to invite or engage in any conversation so they cannot misconstrue anything you say.
Susan in MA
 Jan 14th, 2010
calls several times a day without leaving a message---how do people get your phone # when ur on do not call list?
 Jan 13th, 2010
This number keeps calling me but they never leave a message
 Jan 13th, 2010
First call from this number. Caller ID shows "Order Confirmat". I assume it's bogus, as I didn't order anything. I didn't answer. Of course, they didn't leave a message.
 Jan 12th, 2010
They called and left a message this time. Something about they were calling about my recently placed order and that my order was okay they just wanted to talk to me about it.
So if my order (to whatever company they called from?) was okay what's the effing problem?
They didn't leave a company name either.
 Dec 10th, 2009
This telemarketing company called trying to sell a voucher packet for home depot, lowes, walmart, bestbuy, etc. They claimed to have the last 4 digits of my credit card, however could not give out confidential info on how they got it. Said I was a preferred customer. They also had my address. After a 10 day trial, they will charge $24.95 per month for some other packet to save your supposedly another 40% off other items you purchase. Sounds like a credit card scam. Also a lot of background noise of other persons calling others to try to sell them the same scam
 Dec 09th, 2009
This # called me and left no message. As far as I can tell, this is the first call I received from them.
 Nov 23rd, 2009
I just received 2 calls from this phone number too, again, no message.
 Nov 06th, 2009
Constantly calls, leaves no message
 Oct 29th, 2009