From 231-732-2238 November 20 at approx 3 pm. I couldn't understand the thick accent and was transferred to Eddie Littlefield from Cancun Travel Unlimited. The free vacation 5 days Cancun, 4 days Orlando, 3 days daytona beach, plus a free cancun trip to give away to family or friends.....add up the free: $598 for the package, $49 processing fee, $110 room taxes in Cancun for the 5 days and $7-14 per night in Florida, plus airfare, plus a meal/drink package for $49 per person per day in Cancun, you're on your own in Florida for meals. Then I get hung up on!!!!
NOTHING is FREE!!!! Never make snap decisions, Never give your credit card number over the phone.
Sylvia Canada
 Nov 20th, 2007
A recording claims that my monthly car payment car payment can be lowered.
My curent monthly car payments are $o.oo to lower that would mean someone would have to give me money each month. Seemed like a good deal for me. When I got a humanbeing on the line, I let them know that my monthly payment was zero and any amount they were willing to send me would be greatly apreciated. The man hung-up. How rude! So much for truth in advertising.
"Do not call lists" Don't work. Pretend your interested in what they are selling, but actually be creativly wasting the telemarketer's time. Eventualy the telemarketer will realize that calling your number reduces his chances to connect with and make a sle to someone more gullible.
 Nov 20th, 2007