we have gotten about 20 in last month who the heck is it
 Jun 19th, 2009 Look up 'The Association for Firefighters & Paramedics'. It's a crock, please don't associate this scum with the real Firefighter's and Paramedics out there. We don't support this organization.
 Jun 17th, 2009
I received a call on 06/12/2009 which was obviously from a computer. I answered the call and after a few seconds then it disconnected. This is very annoying.
Eddie B
 Jun 12th, 2009
when I asked if I could take a message, the gentleman stated that it was a courtesy call & hung up on me
Anthony Bennett
 Jun 11th, 2009
They asked for us by name. I do not plan to answer.
Bee Jay
 Jun 05th, 2009
I just got this call today. I answered and the man on the end was laughing then asked for Travis (my fiance)I asked who was calling the man hung up on me! I tried to call the # back but it said that the mail box was > I see this # ALL THE TIME! I wish they would stop calling me.
 Apr 06th, 2009
This number called me i answered a man was laughing the whole time as they hung up i heard his say she is home, it freaked me out I called the cops and reported it as well as made sure i was ready to defend myself and my family.
 Mar 04th, 2009
Kept getting hold music interspersed with "You are the next caller in line!" The call finally disconnected itself.
Ben Siepmann
 Nov 28th, 2008