when you try to call the number back no one answers, if they ever call again threaten to report them
phone company
 Jun 02nd, 2009
We get phone calls from this number at lest 2 times a day.They say they are Diamond Processing and I told the them to stop calling, we are not interested. They told me they need the owner to tell them that.
 Apr 27th, 2009
Wanted to speak to owner, informed him solicitation calls were not allowed. He said it was not a solicitation call so I told him I could help him with any material requirement. He asked if I was the owner and I said no, I didn't need to be the owner to sell him something. He hung up. Any call that starts out as a lie is a bogus call with dishonest people at the other end.
 Mar 30th, 2009
always got a call from this number at 10:43am EVERYDAY!!! its annoying...so i deciced to play nasty with them...picked up the call and a sexy voice name"keandra" answered and she asked for the owner..i said..he is not here and i can take message..she asked" are u the owner?"...i said...yea...kinda!...and before she said anything ..i asked her.." are u single?"...she said. " does it matter?"...i said." if u wanna do business ...it does!"..she said.." she will call back when the owner comes back"..i said..ok...next time she calls i m gonna ask her..."wat color panties u got on today???"...hahah!!! my advice....get nasty with them...if nothing else u will get a good laugh out of it!
 Dec 22nd, 2008
They call just about every day. I now Google unfamiliar numbers and I've added this number to my Junk Call contact.
In Boise
 Dec 08th, 2008
Called a couple of times the past week or so...no message
 Oct 17th, 2008