Got 2 text from this number today following an ad I put in the paper selling dachshund puppies. The text went like this: " I saw your ad and I am interested in buying one female daschund pup for my son's 10th birthday next week... Let me know if the pup in question is still available. Thanks." I sent back a text describing the pup and asked them to call me after 7:30 and not text... Then later at about 3:30 they texted "Okay, I can't find the ad anymore so I have a few questions to ask. Is she good around kids, is she also registered and dewormed + how much is the last asking price for her? Thanks."

I called the number wanting to talk to a person or leave a message and this time the phone wanted my name before forwarding the call...I thought that was odd so I googled the number and found this, plus more about it being a spam number.
 Sep 18th, 2012