The federal DNC program is not designed to ''stop'' any calls. It is not a magical shield that repels every nuisance call. Furthermore, it does not apply to non-sales callers. All of this was explained to you in the FTC FAQ you ignored at registration time.

Q&A: The National Do Not Call Registry

Here's something else the FTC would have you consider when a ''hero charity'' calls:

[quote] Simply having the words ''police'', ''firefighter'' or ''veteran'' in an organization's name doesn't mean that these groups will benefit from the money raised.

[quote] Most police and fire departments are funded by your tax dollars. However, they may ask you to contribute to their professional associations or labor unions at local, state, or national levels. These groups typically use paid fundraisers to solicit donations. Be cautious: simply having the words ''police'' or ''firefighter'' in an organization’s name doesn’t mean police or firefighters are members of the group — or benefit from it. Call your local police or fire department to verify any fundraiser’s claims.

Charity calls are frequently made by a commercial fundraiser, making those subject to the Telemarketing Sales Rule. Such a call center must keep and add to an internal no-call list or else risk a consumer lawsuit.
 Aug 05th, 2012
they called at 9pm, no message, no answer when i say 'hello'. i'm already on the do not call, but it doesn't seem to stop any of these stupid calls. let them call the 'rich republicans'
just me
 Aug 03rd, 2012
FRAT ORD POLICE,every year almost ever two months or so the same guy calls and talks to the answering machine during the opening message,during and after the beep and during the part where you are suppose to leave a message all the while he ask for the lady of the house. Chacha.com list FOP as,"Frat Ord Police, or Fraternal Order of Police, or aka the FOP, is the largest professional police labor organization in the country. It is not a regular police department. It is a labor services organization for police officers".
Joe Dirt
 Jul 07th, 2012