Same people as 269-477-2151. Told them I was on the DNC registry & that I'd be filing an FTC complaint, & then hung up.
 Aug 10th, 2011
The caller cris said he was with Vista and that I've purchased something from one of internet clients. He said I had gas cards valuing $120 and that there was a fee of 5.95 for shipping and processing wanted my credit card info.
 Aug 04th, 2011
They called 5 times yesterday with no message. Glad we chose not to answer the call after reading the previous comments.
 Aug 04th, 2011
Yes, I have been missing a lot of calls from this # too, without getting any voicemails. Glad to read the comments here - I will NOT answer their call!
 Aug 03rd, 2011
I missed a call from this number and they didn't leave a messge. After reading all of the comments here, I will NOT answer any calls from them and I will keep an eye on all of my credit cards to make sure I don't see any suspicious charges.
 Aug 02nd, 2011
This number called me 3x in a span of 20 minutes
 Aug 01st, 2011
Vista sales scam called business's and home! Don't give out information to people you don't know!
 Jul 28th, 2011
Same as Mtguy below. They needed to know my credit card number, which I would not give to them. I told them
repeatedly that I was not buying anything. I think that this is a fishing scam. They called me on my housemate's cell phone, but asked for me by name. That was very confusing as to how they got that cell number.
 Jul 27th, 2011
These people said they were calling from vista services because of a purchase I made on my cc and that they were sending me $120 in gas cards. They knew my address AND THE LAST DIGITS OF MY CREDIT CARD! I told them, at least three times, I do NOT accept the sales pitch and any charge to my credit card would be fraud. The guy said I had agreed to a charge of $5.95 (?) for shipping the gas card--which I had not and, as noted, had said at least three times I did not approve. I will monitor my card to see if they do charge anything. If so, it will be fraud, which I'll challenge. But someone needs to arrest these guys and put them in prison for at least a yaer--making them pay for all costs of the investigation, prosecution and imprisonment.
 Jul 23rd, 2011
They called me saying that they wanted to confirm that a package had been sent to my address and that they were going to send me some gas cards. They would not tell me the company that supposedly shipped me the package so I refused to give them any information and they hung up on me. I assumed that this was a phishing scam...
 Jul 19th, 2011
 Oct 14th, 2010
Call several times per day but leave no message.
 Oct 14th, 2010
Morgan: You could try requesting placement on an internal no-call list, and see if there is anything in the TCPA to help you ... FCC-dot-gov. If it's a commercial call as suggested you might also try an FTC complaint. If the offense is bad enough you may also find the AG in the caller's state and make some noise.
 Oct 13th, 2010
These people said they were calling from vista services because of a purchase I made on my cc and that they were sending me $120 in gas cards. They knew my address. Who are these people? I tried calling back and it was a recording saying that I have reached the confirm sales dept and if I didn't want them to call press 2. Well I hope they didn't charge my card with something.
 Oct 13th, 2010
Is there any way to prevent these people from calling you morning, noon and night? I really want to know how they got my information so I can file a complaint with an agency that can fine them, if possible.
 Oct 13th, 2010
keep calling my cellphone - how do you get them to stop?
V Smith
 Oct 13th, 2010
I have received calls from this number for three is a business number. Supposedly Vista Marketing. I answered it and told them I didn't want them calling me any longer.But I also called the number back last night and selected option 2 which is to be removed from being called. The recording says they are trying to contact me about my order to be delivered. This is a marketing tactic, but someone needs to stop them from calling people. I am reporting it to the National Do Not Call Registry now.
 Oct 13th, 2010