Microsoft scam from India.
 Mar 10th, 2014
DONT FALL FOR THIS! The calls are coming from Europe with hacking of US Servers so you think they are calling within the States. This is a computer hacking scam to access your Banking and Personal Information. They call you stating there is a problem with your computer. They are instructing you to allow them remote access to your PC. My hubby is IT so he knows his way around computers. The phone numbers they use are is so you cant program your phone to block them. (another is 23-345-6789). You can set your home phone to Anonymous Call Rejection or answer and say you dont have a computer. They then still pay for the call:)
 Mar 10th, 2014
Just got a call from the same number (yes it does have an extra number) saying something was wrong with my computer and they needed to help me fix it. Guessing its an out of country number
 Mar 08th, 2014
If you are going to spoof a number, at least make it the right number of digits.
 Mar 07th, 2014