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Western Wats Center, Inc.
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801-823-2027 801-818-1781 801-818-1762 801-437-8850 801-373-7735 801-370-2220 231-224-2071 231-224-2034 231-224-2033 231-224-2032 231-224-2031 208-232-1818
Carole CA
 Feb 28th, 2012
Call my fax at least 2 to 4 times a week. Can we report this anywhere other than what appears to be a venting session on a web page.
WTF Michigan
 May 05th, 2010
Id vaporize their phone if I could. Annoying. I wont pick up
Jenni Kossack
 Mar 17th, 2010
Nothing but static when i answered to see who it was and what they wanted....
This isnt the first time.
Call comes once or twice a week....
Each call is the same....
 Feb 26th, 2010
Please make it stop!
Called at 830pm.....
 Feb 26th, 2010
Called 4/12/07 at 1:25pm. Didnt leave a message on the answer machine.
 Apr 30th, 2007
This caller left a message on my phone. The call was for auto financing. It did give a do not call back choice -if you waited through the whole message to do so.
Kathleen Martin
 Apr 20th, 2007
Found this on another website:
Them a****les from Guardian keep calling me. When are the Feds gonna shut them down? Sonebody should do something.

(231 224 2018) is an illegal telemarketer call from Guardian Communications 309-277-1222). They also call from 206-415-9327) Guardian, 231-224-2017) GCI,231-224-2020)GCI, 269-537-2027) GCI,and at least a dozen other numbers. They now use Quest as their phone company.They have been sued by NC FL AND MO so far. Report all calls to your Attorney General and the FTC.


I frequently have calls from the above-number & my caller ID only shows "Michigan call". Anyone have info on this number?
 Apr 04th, 2007