Hey everyone. I just got this call also. Thought it was my coworker in Georgia. 229 is the Albany Marine base area code.
Didnt count the numbers until later, (there were 11)
Guy claimed to be a doctor, and was telling me my friend asked him to call and it was urgent. Couldnt tell me who it was, or what the urgent message was. I wouldnt tell him my name and he was trying to guess it. What a goofball.

Then he started teling me he was watching my kids walk to school and was going to kill them on the way home!

Ha! I dont have any kids. Dumb @! If I did, they couldnt walk to school where I live!

Clearly he is stupid as well as dumb.

Dont answer the number, hes just a psycho, and a stupid one at that.
sarah hernandez
 Oct 27th, 2011
Just got a call from this nutcase.
He got all nasty mouthed eith my sister when she answered the phone.
I goggled him and found a lot of people saying the same story.

CLaimed to be Doctor Mike something, he wouldnt repeat it.
jermaine taylor
 Oct 26th, 2011
I sarted getting these calls every few minutes for a couple of days.
I thought it was a Georgia area code at first until I started counting the numbers and there were too many.
The guy is hard to understand, and said he was asked to call me by a friend, but didnt know the friends name. He wanted my name, but I wouldnt give it so he got violent and threatened me and my kids. He kept calling back

Dont answer this call!
 Oct 26th, 2011