Same damn ROBOCALL to my cell phone.
man's voice: "Don't you think it's time you got your carpets cleaned?..."

# is faked, called back & it was "disconnected".

 Jul 27th, 2009
Just who the **** are these people? They keep calling and morphing their phone numbers. Bunch of bloody wankers!
 Jul 03rd, 2009
770-898-9999 and 229-878-6261 seem to be the same place. I have called both no-call list without success.
 Jun 22nd, 2009
they are illegally calling people!!!!! Someone needs to stop them.
Over and over and over and over. BOOOOO
pissed off
 Jun 10th, 2009
ROBOCALL about carpet cleaning. Of course the phone # is faked.
 Jun 09th, 2009
Carpet Cleaner, did not identify themselves, when I called back with id and said I was on National Do Not Call List, they hung up. My search on the internet said they are located in Albany Georgia.
 Jun 08th, 2009
STUPID CARPET CLEANER SCAM. I asked politely to be taken off list. She hung up.

Next time, I make a death threat.
 Jun 05th, 2009
Next time, hit "1" to talk to a rep. Then ask her if she kisses her husband's vital parts (you fill in the blank) often? She will hang up immediately. Hahaha! You gotta dish it right back to them folks!
 Jun 05th, 2009
The Texas A. G.'s office said they can do nothing about these rat bastards. I am on both no-call lists. Does anyone know what to do??????
kat 666
 Jun 05th, 2009
Automated message offering carpet cleaning services. I waited for agent, who asked if I would like to schedule an appointment. I said no, but asked whether she was aware of the Do Not Call lists and laws. No answer.
 Jun 04th, 2009
First a recorded message cheerily informing me about my carpet cleaning opportunities. Then a glum young woman who identified the company as Deluxe Carpet Cleaning with its main office in St. Paul, MN. The call is in clear violation of the federal Do Not Call law. When I tried to get the main office address, she hung up.
 Jun 04th, 2009
The wankers keep calling from this number... getting calls daily now. The caller ID just says Unavailable so it goes to the answering machine.
 Jun 02nd, 2009
The caller ID showed this number and UNAVAILABLE. I picked up the phone but I did not say anything. There was silence on the other end and then the call disconnected. I am on the National Do Not Call List so I am going to file a complaint this a.m.
 May 29th, 2009
Came up as unknown name, but if it is a carpet cleaning company like the other blogs have listed it as so, i have hardwood floors and do not require or do i need their service and yes, i am registered as a " do not call " but they do it anyway. " ---HOLES ".
 May 29th, 2009
Dead silence for 10 seconds when I picked up, so I hung up.
Disconnected # if try to call back.

Apparently Verizon recently sued the ROBO-Calling Auto-warranty people, so if you're a Verizon customer you should report this call & maybe they'll sue this robo-caller too!
 May 28th, 2009
Periodically get calls from this same unknown carpet cleaning group. The phone number changes but the recorded message is usually the same. We are on the "Do Not Call" list, so they are already violating that law.
Anyway, be sure you're registered with "Do Not Call" and also when you get these calls, report them. It can all be done via the one national website:
Tex Ann
 May 26th, 2009
Caller ID shows a 229 area code. Caller is a recorded message that tells me that it is time to get my carpets cleaned and to please hold for a rep. Do not need this service and reported it. I waited fro the rep to ask to be taken off the list, and was hung up on. When I called back after they hung up on me, I got a reocrded message that said that the number was disconnected. Please help by complaining loudly to anyone who will listen. Just letting the phone ring unanswered does not stop these people.
 May 23rd, 2009
Called me, when I answer I get pause and click. Callerid just shows nbr. When I try and call back, recording says that nbr is disconnected.
 May 22nd, 2009
Just received call from this number. Caller ID said "C Johnson." I didn't recognize name or number so I didn't pick it up.
 May 22nd, 2009
They didn't leave a message, I never answer such calls.
Jim G
 May 22nd, 2009
Got a call from 229-878-6261 with carpet cleaning special, when tried calling back, received a message that the number has been disconnected. We are on the Do Not Call list. I strongly suspect it is the infamous Deluxe Carpet Cleaning - only they hide like this knowing that what they are doing is illegal. I have already officially complained to FCC, send in a form and am awaiting their response. Hope they will take care of this. To me, that gang should be disbanded, sent to jail for harassment, and their business license taken away for ever. I sincerely hope they will get in big trouble for this! They have called us at least 7 times in the last 4 months, and keep hanging up on me if I press 1 to speak to someone about it. Their callback phone number is 214-383-7533.

Complain to FCC!!! An FCC agent told me they could initiate an official legal inquiry if they get the minimum of 75 complaints.
 May 21st, 2009
Recorded carpet cleaning message. If you are interested press 1 if you no longer want to receive these calls press 8. I pressed 8 and waited with just silence on the other end for about 20 or 30 seconds and then received a dial tone. I've reported the number to the do not call website.
 May 21st, 2009
Autocalled about carpet cleaning. Was able to reach human by hitting '1' and then told them not to call.
They are located 2000 miles away from me.
 May 05th, 2009