Got this gem on my cel phone- Same "Jennifer" that called from 904-418-6200 that gives you the "call back number" 800-392-6003.

Hey, Jen'- do you think for a moment I don't know more about your company than you do?


Here is how this group of 'Legalized Racketeering' DoubleDouches works:

Ameriquest Recovery Systems, LLC (ARS) is owned by Ed Reiner, Joseph Reiner, Bob Peterson, Ed Reiner JR, and Tony Reiner. They have the franchise agreement with Collect America, they are the ones that purchase the debt. ARS is a "client" of DeJana and Associates (RDA), in their client agreement ARS is to pay all the overhead for the Law Office and supervise the Law Office Personnel as it pertains to the "collection" of ARS accounts. None of the collector/paralegals ever do any legal work for DeJana, they only collect for ARS. Then on a monthly basis, DeJana gets a % of the recoveries. DeJana does not supervise the collectors, they are supervised by ED, Joseph, and Bob. DeJana has almost nothing to do with the collections process or daily operations. Collect America routinely sends people out to audit RDA and gives seminars and the like to the franchises.

ED, Joseph, and Bob are horrible they treat their collectors like they are dirt and they direct their collectors to treat the debtors like "scum."

Feel free to "give up" on me- I'm not falling for your bogus "legal team" tactics. Your company will just have to sell my account as a loss while I continue to work with whomever you THINK I owe debt to- I don't have to listen or even acknowledge s**tsharks like your company.
 Apr 21st, 2010