We received a phone call and tried to call it back within the hour and it was disconnected.
 May 12th, 2010
Saw incoming call from area code 228, code lookup showed S. Mississippi. Did'nt answer. Message was left for "John", no one here by that name. Female voice said she was sorry about getting back to me so late, but she could help lower my credit card interest rate that we had discussed earlier (BS). She did leave a toll-free number to call (free to us, they pay for it). 1-800-977-2091

I think I will call back a few dozen times to mess with them, give out bogus crap for them to chase around with and try to get more information to use against them that I will pass on to the Feds.

Since it is a toll free call, how about you and all of your friends give them a call and let them know what you think about them. Or just hang up after a couple seconds. Each call will cost them- just be sure to give out no information, they already have your phone number. Again, that number is 1-800-977-2091 (why do people repeat information in recorded messages?)
John- NOT
 Sep 02nd, 2009
just got a call from this number on my cell. the lady left a message, very shady!!!! i have no credit card debt but she wanted to "help me get rid of my debt as soon as possible" ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ANSWER THIS NUMBER AND DO NOT CALL IT BACK. THIS IS A SCAM!!! JUST DELETE IT!!
 Sep 02nd, 2009
Left message about interest rates on my cell phone. Sounds like the same scam operating on 228-209-8325.
 Sep 01st, 2009
I too got a call on my cell. The number apparently is from Biloxi MS and the PROVIDEr apparently Camarato Distributing. I suggest contacting them to get it shut down.
Keith Camarato
PO Box 638
Herrin, IL 62948-0638
Phone: 618-988-1556
E-Mail: bingo@midamer.net
Raleigh NC
 Aug 31st, 2009
They left a voice mail. How nice. They want to lower my charge card rates.
 Aug 29th, 2009
I have not had calls from that number, however I have had calls from 228-209-8325 and 303-974-1815. The 303 area code is a level 3 communications, Lic in Colorado. The other is Alltel or Altel Communications, Inc in Louisiana. There is a way to buy on the internet, where someone can listen with your phone's antenna , even if the phone is off, unless you take out the battery. They can listen to you even if you are not on the phone. I am wondering if these calls are the calls to my phone enabling such eavesdropping. It has been awhile since your post, so any thoughts on this from you?
 Aug 29th, 2009
Do not give info to anyone on the other end of this phone call it is a fraud scam! They just want your info to commit bank fraud!
 Aug 28th, 2009
spam; don't answer, don't talk to them
 Aug 28th, 2009
This number and any offers they try to get you to sign up for is fraud. They are not working with your bank or offering you better insurance. The reason it says it is disconnected when you call back is that they use VoIP (VOice over Internet Protocol) to "spoof" (fake) a phone number. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR INFO! They do this to get credit card info from unsuspecting consumers and use it to commit fraud. If you have any doubt that someone is calling from your bank, hang up!! Call your bank directly using the number on the back or your card or on your monthly statement. You are the first defense against fraud happening. Protect your information. Never give it out unless you know who you are talking to. If they cant give you a number to call back that you can research, it's fraud.
 Aug 28th, 2009
When I received a call from this number today I pushed 1 to speak to someone about there credit card services and informed the girl that I was registered on the do not call list and she said that I should have pushed 2 so I do not receive any more calls and promptly hung up on me. When I called the number back I received a recording that I cannot be connected as dialed. Called ID showed up as Mississippi
 Aug 28th, 2009
Left message telling to call about credit cards.
 Aug 28th, 2009
I received a call from this company today advising they could lower my American Express Card and my discover card interest rates. I pressed 1 to be connected to Eric (because I wanted to advise I have no credit cards and need to be removed from their list). No one came on the line the call was disconnected on their end and when I tried to call 228-209-8325 back the number was disconnected.
 Aug 27th, 2009
Did not Answer the phone
 Aug 26th, 2009
Robocall from "Credit Card Services". Given the wide variety of scripts reported it looks like they're all just spoofing the caller ID and it happens to be the same number.
 Aug 26th, 2009
No one there.
 Aug 25th, 2009
no vm left
 Aug 25th, 2009
number only, no mssg
 Aug 25th, 2009
Just received a call 228-209-8325. Upon hearing call I researched calls from that number calling into our business: 37 calls this month! I blocked that number from calling our business.. .
 Aug 25th, 2009
No name
 Aug 25th, 2009
This phone call came on my cell in Spanish so I didn't understand the message and was also listed as Biloxi, MS.
 Aug 24th, 2009
OK . . . I called 228-209-8325 first and the message said that the number was "disconnected or no longer in service." So I called 1-800-676-9314 and a woman answered, "Hello. Debt Relief something-or-other." I asked if Rick was there. She said he was not at his desk at this time. "Maybe there's something I can help you with. Do you have any high interest rate credit cards?" I said no. She then said, "Obviously this has been a misdial. What is your phone number?" I then said Rick asked me to call him back and to speak to him directly. "I can direct you to his voice mail." OK. "Hello. This is Rick. I'm not available at this time. Please leave a message. BEEP." So I left him my jerk neighbor's name and number and told him to call me back anytime, day or night, and help me with my credit card debt. "I'll do anything. I got too many credit card bills. Help me, Rick!"
 Aug 24th, 2009
"Hi, guys. This is Rick Morgan calling. Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. Anyway, I see you're only making the minimum payment on your credit card here. I think I still can get that lowered for you down to 1.5%, but you gotta call me back as soon as possible because this is a limited time offer. You can reach me at 1-800-676-9314. Talk to you later. Thanks."

1. I never called any "Rick Morgan."
2. I don't know any "Rick Morgan."
3. I don't have any credit cards.

I'm gonna call 228-209-8325 and 1-800-676-9314 back and mess with them. Hold on . . .
 Aug 24th, 2009
I recently had my cell # changed becuase I kept getting collection agency calls...I do no owe anything to anyone. I pay as I go for everything. This is scary and annoying! Can't the Gov. or FCC do anything to crack down on these jurks?! How are they getting away with this?
 Aug 24th, 2009
this is a company (didn't get the name) that supposedly wants to lower the interest on your credit cards. they call random numbers (they called my general number at work, not me specifically) and when you press 1 to speak to a live agent, they launch immediately into, "do you think that lower interest on your credit cards could benefit you today?" when i told them they'd reached a business, they said, "thank you, have a nice day," and i asked if they had the number to remove, they said they did and quickly hung up. sounds super shady.
 Aug 22nd, 2009
Left message saying I could convert my Visa or Mastercard loans to a possible lower rate. Press 1 to speak to an agent, press 2 to be removed from our list.
 Aug 21st, 2009
I got this call and I tried to call it back on the voice mail. first reposne is busy signal and the second is this number has been disconnected. This is really annoying thanks for all you guys input on this.
 Aug 21st, 2009
missed a call from this number today. Didnt leave a msg.
 Aug 21st, 2009
We also get calls from this number,and I have no idea who is calling?They don't leave a message or indicate who they are?I am frustrated
with all these calls
Bill Williams
 Aug 20th, 2009
Found this on another website: 228 209-8325 is used as a Fake Caller Id by an automated dialer preying on cell phone owners primarily and is a real scam. They pretend to be able to lower your credit card rate and ask for you bank name, expiration date, account number etc. Now they have everything they need to put a False charge and steal from your credit card! They did not realize who they called and Anyone who asks you personal information is a scammer! Period! These folks call themselves "Credit Card Solutions" this week and in past weeks they have different names. We tracked the called ID because they used a Voice over Internet Connection and we track Hackers and Scammers for our clients. This is a "boiler room" operation of theives. These folks will go to jail when we file the police report and the recorded phone call as additional evidence. Thank Your for this site and I thank anyone who takes the time to post information about scammers to help others be warned so they aren't scammed.
 Aug 19th, 2009
8/19/09 1:46pm Central time
Got this Number on my cell phone answered and it was spanish I have no idea what she said
 Aug 19th, 2009
I keep getting this call around the same time Monday - Friday 1:45 PM. When I answer, there's a pause and then a recording in spanish. I have no idea what they are saying.
 Aug 19th, 2009
Left no message. Hit ignore on the cell and I guess they were too lazy to leave a message. Gotta be the same scam
good guy
 Aug 18th, 2009
a "missed" call to a cellphone in 630 area code. i do not pick up calls from unknown cids.
jm in florida
 Aug 14th, 2009
got this call just now... figured it was bs
 Aug 14th, 2009
Caller ID says Biloxi MS, however the automated call mentions they are in Las Vegas. The message mentions obtaining grant and stimulus money and to call 877-943-8637. Too confusing to know what they are after.
 Aug 12th, 2009
Recieved a call on my new cell phone #. When I returned the call I was informed by a recording that the number was disconnected or no longer in service.
 Aug 12th, 2009
They just called on our new Magic Jack and its not even hooked up yet! How in the world did they get the number! (good grief and egad!) Of course the call just showed up on the computer screen, since its not hooked up and we couldn't answer. They didn't leave a message. Scam scum.
mrs. C
 Aug 12th, 2009
I received a call from this number several times but did not answer because I don't recognize the number. I am glad to know that it is a scam. Can't the authorities do something about this type of scam?
 Aug 11th, 2009
very rude, they just hung up.
 Aug 11th, 2009
Company spoofs phone numbers (228-209-8325) as calling their Caller ID number is always disconnected. Company gives you a pre-recorded message about loan modifications for homeowners, pressing "1" gets you to an agent who answers the phone as "...Communications". When asking them to tell you who they are with, they say they will tell you in a minute. I had to demand they tell me the name before I would continue. That is when they identified themselves as "Walker Law Group". I advised them I am on the Do Not Call list, they said they would remove me and hung up. I found a company in Fullerton, CA that matches the name and the what they were offering. Do a search for, "walker law group" "loan modification", to see them at the top of the list.

Walker Law Group
Corporate Headquarters
2501 East Chapman Ave. Ste #100
Fullerton, CA 92831
 Aug 10th, 2009
this number called me twice. The first time they called I didn't pick up and there was no message. The second time they called (2 minutes ago) I answered and then they just hung up!'
 Aug 10th, 2009
No msg left. called it back & rcd msg saying that # is not in service
 Aug 09th, 2009
They called my cell phone at 12:50PM on August 8. I did not answer I'm on Do Not Call, and it's my understanding that it's illegal to auto-dial cell phones anyway without a prior business relationship. If they are willing to break those laws, it's got to be a SCAM!
 Aug 08th, 2009
 Aug 08th, 2009
Just got this call and asked to be taken off their list and the female who answered said "nope" and hung up. FTC complaint, here we come!
 Aug 07th, 2009
Just got a call from this number. I answered then a male came on the line and said "hello" so I replied again, hello. At that point he hung up. What a jerk. Why do they call if they don't really want to talk to you????
 Aug 07th, 2009
This company called me today peddling some type of health coverage. I pressed "1" to speak to a person to ask that they not call me anymore (and I was very polite, despite being irked by them) but the gal hung up when I didn't want to buy anything. They apparently work on commission, not salary.

MY SUGGESTION: When they call, talk to them, take up as much of their time as possible asking question after question, then don't buy anything. Waste their valuable time.
Lydia S.
 Aug 06th, 2009
caller ID simply states "no name". Left no message.
Rhode Island
 Aug 04th, 2009
Got this call on my cell phone. i listened to the message and pressed #1 to speak to someone. When they got on the line and I asked them how they got my number they hung up.
 Aug 04th, 2009
call came in on my cell. What are the chances that this is a 'fake' number that they send with the call, and we have no way of knowing who they REALLY are?
 Jul 30th, 2009
Got one today with no message, after coming here added it to my reject list on my cell phone.
 Jul 29th, 2009
Received this call at my place of employeement. It was a message telling me I could lower my credit card rate and asked me to press #1 to speak with someone. I pressed #1 and a lady answered and said, "Financial solutions, how are you today?" And I said, "Fine thank you . . . will you please take my off your list? This is a business." She then replied by hanging up on me. Completely annoyed, I called the number back and get a busy signal. RUDE PEOPLE SUCK!
 Jul 27th, 2009
Received a call from this number on my cell phone...I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer...they left no message. Reverse lookup identified this number as being for a cell phone in Biloxi, MS. Jackass!
 Jul 27th, 2009
This call came on my new prepaid cell.
 Jul 23rd, 2009