Your back on the ranch. Pooper scooper duty for 3 quote 3 mnths. I'll supply the shovel. :). Your a prety fuckn cool mom you know. I hope this all works out cuz I know the two of us will have a lot of fun together. :).
 May 25th, 2013
Do you actually think I have the time and do you really think I care oh wow a hidden message? Huh? Brb.
Okay so I figured it out. It spells fuckn nursing home mom. Your cushy apt on the rnach with the elevator to your computer is cancelled. I'm going to research all of them. I'll find that lost soul that picks at his heels as he speaks professionally, makes you feel unwelcome scares the hell outta ya when you come over. Mud slide there on in.
My phone rings. I'm having a beer trying to figure out wtf I'm going to do with everything in the next 2 weeks. I got big issues. I'm trying to resolve all of them. My facebook logs in all the time from waterloo. I went looking and figured it out. Listen I'm sorry if I rant and rave send exessive amounts of mail but I get soo lost in all of this at times and life becomes soo difficult. So what do ya do walk away? No just try and hit the next rock as you skip across the river without falling in. Pls cut me some slack. I'm been through f hell and back.I stress myself out with the rumor. Do I have it in me to do that? Me? A window guy. Professional email stacker pof hacker but that? If its true then why the secret. Why wouldn't I be off at ivy getting a degree? None of this makes any sense. Anyways 5683 to ya both. Nite. :)
the grasnator
 May 25th, 2013
The person (female) on the said she represented Walt Disney Vacations and that I had won a trip to Orlando, hotel, food and rental included. Said the agent number was 6852, she told me the registration FEE was $287 per person and asked for my Bank`s name and then account number on a cheque. Of which I utterly refused to give. The person, name Pristila continued to insist she needed the number to register. This is potentially missrepresentation of Walt Disney Vacations.
 May 24th, 2013