225-372-3505 - Just called our business. Caller ID came up as "Baton Rouge, LA". The female caller asked to speak to the person who handles our merchant services. Told her that we're a cash only business. She said "OK, thank you, bye." and hung up. Blocking the number immediately.
 Sep 18th, 2017
225-372-3505 - Just called our business, yet AGAIN. That makes call number 12! They keep calling asking for the person who handles our credit card processing for our business. Since we use Square, we have NO need for what they are offering. The majority of our sales are paid via either personal check or cash, so having an actual machine and paying a monthly fee to some company makes NO financial sense. We politely informed them of this, and yet they kept chugging along with their little monkey with a script spiel. Since we record all incoming calls, and we informed the caller of that, a copy of the call is going to be provided directly to the as well as to the Louisiana Attorney General's Office. The little monkey with a script was extremely rude, refused to remove our number from their call list, and told us to
 Oct 04th, 2013