This recorded message says I owe a debt and will be served papers, this is bullshit because I only owe my bank, no one else! I called my bank and they confirmed it is not them. I will report this number to authorities! Also look out for number #318-553-5136, claims to be a guy named Chris.
 Feb 19th, 2014
Investigator Don Mack told me I owe an alleged debt with Chase Manhattan. He knew my Social Security number, my sister and mom, and said if I do not pay up my sis and mom will be summoned to court, along with me. I have never been served papers and even called the sheriff department to inquire if any papers were being served. They said no and they receive calls everyday from consumers who get called by the number 225-341-1110. Don Mack told me that papers were to be served by 4pm if I did not have my lawyer call him by 2pm. Well, no calls were made and no papers served.
This guy is a joke and disgrace to humankind.
 Jun 15th, 2013