I got a call from this number, and it was an automated system stating that there was an "important message for ______________" someone who was not me. I hung up on it, then decided, Well, I'll see if I can determine who that was.
I called the number back, got another automated answer, then got connected to a person. I told the guy that I had just received a wierd call from this number, and wondered who it was from. He asked if I was the person they were calling for, and I said No, but what company is this? He wouldn't tell me unless I admitted to being the person they were calling for. I refused to tell him my name and he then said "The calls will continue." So, I quickly changed my number cause I've seen what it's like when people like this get your number. They don't want to hear anything but "You are who we want!" and they won't EVER leave you be, no matter how many times you tell them they're wrong.
So, good luck with those continuing calls, Mr 225-341-1058.
Steve S.
 Apr 07th, 2010