Praises be! The election is over, and the barrage of phone calls has ceased. Now voters will have to tremble in fear of what kind of robo-calls will inundate them come this November. This kind of cruelty is not going to win friends and influence people. The Do Not Call rules should apply to political parties and politicians; they should not be allowed to phone anyone! Incidentally, each time a call goes to a cell phone, and these "goom-bahs" (check out the Mario video game) leave a message, that eats up the minutes on that person's cell phone! The range of criminality connected with this malarkey is truly astounding.
 Mar 25th, 2012
Footnote: DanMcG reports that 225-255-0208 is the number on which he heard the recording "This is an important message to all Americans from Hank Williams, Jr." To this, says Dan, he ended the call. "Why listen to a message that no one wants to hear anyway?"
 Mar 24th, 2012
Dan, you got zapped by the same bunch that has been ragging my phone all day, 225-225-0208. When I picked up the phone just to hear what I might hear, a woman was talking very fast. I think it was a robo-call, because the voice continued unabated even as I barked like a German Shepherd (I do imitations of animal noises). Then I hung up. No doubt you have received four or more calls from this number over the last 48 hours. If you live in Louisiana, it is election day tomorrow, and the barrage of junk phone calls from politicians and political parties has been incredible.
 Mar 24th, 2012
My answering machine picked up the line and they said, “This is a very important message for every American from Hank Williams, Jr.”

I disconnected it at that point. Why bother everybody with recorded messages that no one wants!
Dan McG
 Mar 24th, 2012