3rd call today from this number. Each time a dangerous foreign accent man asking me for bank account information to share a life insurance policy benefits with because I have the same last name as the deceased. I ask him what was the dead guys last name, he stammered came up with a name which wasn't the same as mine. I told him I was onto his game from the start and I just wanted to play along and waste as much of his time possible. At that point he got angry, started cussing and told me to do an unholy sex act with my mother. He said he was going to come over and penis whip my mom all night long. Well I've got no worries as he didn't even know my name, so certainly he does not know where I live plus it'd take him quite some time to leave India or wherever he's calling from and come all the way to US. Blocking the number does no good, his calls still come through.
I received 5 calls from this number, left me a voicemail that said they were watching me for 8 moths. And that a sex scandal wouldnt be the best thing for my career . And that they could make me into a porn superstar because they already knew my daily routine. And I had 10mins to go to their website or they would start deleting all of my files on my computers and phones. Told me they wanted my credit card number or they'd release all my sex tapes. I told them to phuck off because there's nothing they got on me.
scammer from india wanting my bank route and account number
Called regarding 0% on credit card. Of course I waited for them to get on the phone and then requested that they remove my number from their call list. He acted like I offended him and called me a f**king B**ch and asked me who the h**l i thought I was. I hung up. Thirty minutes later I got another call from another number, this time an 800#.
As soon as I answer the same voice you f**king C*nt & F**k you and your family.
This is a fraudulent call. She said that my "mother" was in jail and making a collect call, but she has been deceased for 5 years now, thus making this a scam in search of peoples information.When I asked what this was regarding,since my mom is deceased, she stated there was a "$2,000 credit due" from KM resorts. I told her to remove my number, she got snotty and asked for the me to accept mom's collect call. Told her to listen carefully, removing my effing number. She said "Well, THANK YOU!" These freaking scam callers are ridiculous
 Nov 14th, 2019
Beth Anderson asking me if I'd like a nude selfie from her. She said all she would need is a credit card number so she can prove I'm not a minor. Apparently I upset Beth Anderson when I told here I can get porn for free on the internet and not risk being scammed by a used up old cum dumpster like her cold calling here asking for card info. Beth Anderson quickly hung up and went on to her next victim to scam.
 Nov 14th, 2019
Scammer Susan Jones trying to sell their services. Foreign accent, horrible phone system. Background noise sounds like a telemarketing setup. The call was unsolicited. Before I could block the number Susan Jones called again this time offering me pictures of pornographic nature she claims is her but she will need my credit card number to verify I'm not a minor. Hung up and blocked her number. .
 Nov 12th, 2019
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 Nov 08th, 2019
WARNING: Phishing Scam Caller with heavy Indian accent claims to have renewed your Microsoft Security Account for $399. Wants ID verification and you sitting next to your computer. I told him not because I know he's a scammer. He then told me to do an unholy sex act with my mother and hung up on
 Nov 05th, 2019
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 Oct 30th, 2019
Scotty Spiewalk asking permission to send me a nude selfie of his aroused package. I told him I'm not into gay porn nor being scammed by someone that cons people out of the credit card number.
 Oct 29th, 2019
Mary Gormandy inviting me to watch her do lesbian porn on a pay per view site. She wanted my credit card number and told me then she'd give me the access code.
I really don't need any old used up cum dumpster tapping into my bank account so I blocked her number.
 Oct 23rd, 2019
Pakistani male called saying I was selected to get a grant, but I had to talk to some insurance guy first, he then proceeded to give me 5 questions his adviser would as me about getting insurance. I told him, I had insurance and he said this was just to get the grant, I told him If I answered the questions the way he would like me to answer them I would be lying, after trying to convince me that I would not be lying I asked him what does Insurance have to do with me getting a grant. He replied it’s just a game. So I pretended to go along and kept answering one on his lies he wanted me to tell wrong, finally he requested I go and have a unholy sexual act with my mother. The companies using these ass holes will never get my business.
 Oct 15th, 2019