SCAM!!! I ordered a giant fortune cookie for 39.99 ans a snickers basket for 59.99 for an anniversary gift for my bf in hawaii. First of all theu don't give you ur total due before they process your transaction! They male u put ur card info then proceed with billing then smack you with the total after! Came to $194.00 !!! I freaked out and they never sent my confirmation order reciept to my email!!! Somthing wasnt right so I call the number on the website which was and IL state cell phone with google voice!!!! And arabic answered hello? I ask if I reached gift blooms he was imediatley shady. Said yes yes that's them? I asked ware was my email of reciet. The man said they sent it...I never recieved it!!! I also asked about my order of accuracy (message on foturne cookie" and he couldn't tell me anything about my order!!! Kept saying ummmm uhh ummm and putting me on mute..not on hold..mute!!!!! He said call back tomarrow when there lender is open??!!! I then knew this was fraud. I call my banl and imediatley cancel my banl card. And once the payment hits my acount. And it will because its on authorized hold bank will then dispute the 194.00 ! So I cancel my card and call them back like 15 times!!! Finally he picks up and he again was stumbling on his words. Played the hold on mute game again then another arabic gets on the phone I tell him I want the transaction canceled before there lender takes my payment. He said there is no need we will just void it??? I ask for a cancelation email..he said it wasn't nessasary ..I and then said he doesn't know if he can do that??? So I said for him to fax it..he didn't know how to and did the mute game again!!! He then got back on the line and said he sent nothing!!! And he said he can text it..???!! Yah that's legit huh??? These people are SCAMMERS and FRAUD and ROBBERS!!!!!! I canceled my card before they could drain my account and my bamk will dispute this transaction!!!!!!!
 Oct 12th, 2013