"Jake Wyler" is still calling, and still leaving the same meaningless message on voicemail.
 Aug 30th, 2016
Yep - got the same line. He was finishing a job for our owner.
 Jun 08th, 2016
Asked for owner. Owner wasn't in, so I asked if he would like to leave a message. He responded by asking when he will be in. I told him it varies. I finally got him to leave a message. He only offered his name & number. I asked if the owner would know what it is regarding & he said that he would. He said it is regarding a job that they need to finish for him. After wasting my time asking the owner & researching, I realized he was lying. Thanks "Jake" for wasting an honest companies time
 Apr 13th, 2016
He wasn't overly rude. Just cocky & said "sure, he'll know what it's regarding". Luckily (well, actually very unluckily) I've talked to enough dbag telemarketers to hear the lie in his voice.
Our caller ID said; DENVER CO.
 Mar 30th, 2016
jake is a jack hole telemarketer that can go have intercourse with himself. they love to bother you but when you call them back 47 times they don't like it very much. HA
your daddy
 Mar 16th, 2016
Same, business owner was not in, I always look up the number when they're rude, and saw all of the comments about "Jake". Loser.
 Feb 01st, 2016
Yep, Rude Jake. Asked for owner. Not in. How can I help you? Do you know when he will be in? Well, I'll be speaking to him in a minute. Give him my cell phone number. OK. Dead air. Are you going to give me your name? Jake. Jake, what's you're last name? How do you spell it? W-Y-I-L-E-R. OK, Jake, how can I help you? I JUST TOLD YOU - HAVE HIM CALL MY CELL PHONE. Thanks, Jake. click.
 Jun 05th, 2015
This guy Jake is so rude. Ask for the owner of the company an I said he was not available. I would gladly take a message. He then said he needed to speak with him now like he was not giving me a option (the weirdo). Next time I'm going to hang up on him. There was no need to be rude.
 Oct 17th, 2014
Got a call from "Jake" also...he asked for the President of our company (who does not work in the office). When I told "Jake" this, he asked if the President has a cell phone number. I told him I am not allowed to give that out to just anybody and asked what he was calling in regards to. Before I barely got that out of my mouth, "Jake" raised his voice at me, saying "I DIDN'T ASK YOU TO GIVE ME HIS NUMBER!!" (which he did). "Jake" got hung up on. Very rude guy.
North Carolina
 Jun 04th, 2014
They have now changed the Caller ID. When Jake calls now it comes up as SMS not GPS. This guy is extremely rude and pushy.
 Feb 18th, 2014
I too received a call from "Jake" from GPS out of Miami. I know I have spoken to him several times and told him not to call, we are not interested. He claims it was not him that has called. He's very rude and pushy.
Hanging up on him does nothing as he calls right back.
 Jan 31st, 2014
Company name was claimed to be GPS company out of Miami, FL. This is not the case.
 Jan 16th, 2014
Guy is a cold caller
 Sep 13th, 2012
I recieved a call from this number at work, I am the receptionist. The first call, "JAKE" asked for our previous owner who has retired and I told him he no longer has an office here. Then he asked who runs the company now and I told him who it was and that he was not available at the moment, which he wasnt, and would he like to leave him a voicemail. He gave me the run around about how he couldnt leave him a voice mail and that he was leaving his office soon ( why that has anything to do with leaving not leaving a voice mail, I dont know )
He made me take his number down and said he was calling with Deborah McCalvin's office in Houston and that it was urgent. Wouldn't give me any more information. My boss does not know this number. or this Person or the office they called from.
Third Time "JAKE" called he said is my boss here and I said he is not available, would you like to leave him a voice mail.. and he got UGLY with me. " DID YOU NOT GIVE ME MY CELL NUMBER !? " I played ignorant and asked " I'm sorry but who is this ? " and He said " this is JAKE. Did you not give me my number ?! Did I not SPEAK TO YOU ALREADY ?!" and I said " I'm sorry sir he STILL hasnt come in the office yet, therefore he has NOT recieved any messages" and he hung up.
Next time he calls... I will just hang up.
 Mar 07th, 2012
These people are absolute jerks. They call and ask for the owner of my business, who is my husband. When I tell the caller he isn't available they immediately ask for his cell number. I finally got a guy, Jake, which I'm sure isn't his real name, to give me a call back number. He was very rude and wouldn't give me any information about what his call was regarding. He actually lied to me and said he spoke with my husband earlier in the week. Um.... no you didn't. Since you don't know his cell number and I answer the office phone, I can tell you he DIDN'T speak to you.

Earlier in the week a different guy with this same scummy company actually tried to "put me in my place" telling me he had six secretaries and he "knew" what my job was and that he didn't like getting the third degree from me. Then he has the audacity to tell me the owner (remember that's my husband) is about to lose a very large job if I don't put him on the phone. Having delt with these people (who are in a call center) in the past, I informed him, "I am also an owner of this company and I am hanging up on you now." Click...
 Apr 30th, 2010